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YouTube: Cool Tricks that Almost Nobody Knows About!

Hidden tricks YouTube 2019. Here are phrases that the popular video platform has hidden from the eyes of common users as a kind of jokes that we can reach only knowing how to display them. After entering the appropriate phrase and pressing the search button, we are able to change the visual experience of YouTube, activate a new, strange play back functionality, or find out something we didn't know before.

Have you seen everything on YouTube? These few tricks hidden by programmers will certainly surprise you. Start YouTube in the second window and let's get started!


1. Do you want to jump around in the video you are watching? You only need to press the number keys on your keyboard while watching any video played on the YouTube website. This way, you can get the corresponding percentage in the video timeline - if you click “5”, you will jump to 50% of the video, and clicking “0” will take you back to the beginning of the video.

2. If you’d rather move around in a video by a specific amount of seconds, remember these shortcuts: pressing “J” while a video is playing will rewind by 10 seconds, while pressing “L” will fast-forward by 10 seconds.

3. When you are watching YouTube videos at work time, suddenly someone comes in.

What should you do? You can stop or silence your video in a split-second. Just hit “K” to pause or “M” to mute any playing content.

Visual Experience

4. Typically, the YouTube site dynamically determines the size of the video player based on the size of the browser window. However, you can adjust the size of the video player. Try pressing “T” to place the video in “theatre mode” so that it occupies the entire width of the browser. You can also press “F” to make the video full screen, or press “I” to move the video to the mini player and float in the bottom corner of the website while browsing.

5. How to create a better viewing atmosphere? The secret is the “Dark theme” that YouTube recently added, which you can find by clicking on the profile picture in the top right corner of the website and clicking on the “Dark theme” option. If you are using the YouTube app, tap on your profile picture in the top right corner, then select “Settings”, followed by “General” and then “Dark theme”.


6. Star Wars - Want to use the power of Jedi Knights on your YouTube? Enter "Use the force, Luke" in the search box and the brave Skywalker will show you what he can do.

7. PESEL - For fans of memes, we recommend to enter YouTube's search engine "DOGE MEME".

8. Snake - The feature with the game of Snake does not always work, but if you follow the instructions from the video, you may be able to play a snake in the video display window.


If you want to share a YouTube video in a way that starts from a certain point, just pause the video at the point where you want the other user to start watching it and right-click on the video screen. A menu will appear from which you can choose “Copy video URL at the current time”. The copied link will open the video starting from that specific time.

Apart from the hidden tricks mentioned above, there are more tricks hidden with YouTube, such as Privacy.

Even if you have heard of several of them, you certainly do not associate everyone!

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