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To Solve Microsoft Management Console Has Stopped Working

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) represented by the mmc.exe process supports administrative snap - ins for Windows. If one of the affected snap-ins, such as Device Manager, Group Policy Editor, Disk Management etc. fails, it is quite possible that MMC is responsible.

Some Windows advanced users are complaining they come across an annoying issue: Microsoft Management Console has stopped working. Since then, the administrative snap-ins, such as Disk Management, Device Manager, and Group Policy Editor, will not work. This post analyzes the main causes of such error and how to fix it effectively.

My Microsoft Management Console Has Stopped Working

Such crashes can be related to incompatible application DLL files attached to the mmc.exe process.Such crashes can be related to incompatible application DLL files attached to the mmc.exe process.

The first step after encountering this error should be restarting the system. There is a chance that it will really help. Try to update Windows and restart the system if it helps. If not, we can follow these troubleshooting steps:

1] Troubleshooting in Clean Boot Status
Suppose you have installed some new software and you suspect that it may cause a problem, try to uninstall it and restart the system. If this does not solve the problem, you can perform a clean boot and try to identify the malicious program that may cause MMC not to open.
Troubleshooting clean boot problems is designed to isolate a performance problem. To perform troubleshooting using a clean boot, perform a series of steps, and then restart your computer after each step. You may need to manually turn off one item after another to try to identify the one causing the problem. After identifying the perpetrator, you can consider removing or disabling it.

2] Run a scan of the System File Checker program
The error is related to the mmc.exe process and can occur if the DLLs attached to the process are damaged or incompatible. Try a file system scan to fix corrupt DLLs and see if it fixes the problem.

3] Repair the Windows image
Ideally, the System File Checker scanner should be able to repair corrupt and incompatible DLLs, but if not, run DISM to repair the corrupted system image.

4] Check the error in the event viewer
Event Viewer log displays system error log files so that you can view them and identify errors and messages:
To open Event Viewer, search for the program in the Windows search bar.If you find events marked as error with a red exclamation mark, double-click the event to find out the details of the problem and resolve them accordingly.

What Makes Your Microsoft Management Console Not Responding

You are likely to lose control over tools like Computer Management, Event Viewer, Task Scheduler, Component Services, and Windows PowerShell Modules while working on a Windows computer. Anyone of the snap-ins could crash suddenly; when it does, you should suspect that the following factors are responsible for Microsoft Management Console error.

1. certain system files get corrupted

2. bad Windows 10 upgrade

3. issues with Local Computer Certificate Store

4. the opening of Inbound Rules of Windows Firewall

To Fix Microsoft Management Console Stopped Working Check Files & Make Backup

When you receive the MMC has stopped working error message on a Windows device, you should check the files (both system files and data files). If any of them are damaged/lost, you should start to recover them by following operations.

  1. Obtain a license for MiniTool Power Data Recovery; install and register the software.
  2. Launch the data recovery software and wait a few seconds while the disk information is loading.
  3. Keep This PC selected in the left sidebar.
  4. Specify the drive that contains corrupted/missing files in the right panel.
  5. Double click on the certain drive or click on the Scan button below to start a full scan.
  6. Wait for the scan and browse the found files carefully.
  7. Add a mark into the square boxes in front of the files you need and then click Save.
  8. Browse the storage location you can choose and select one with enough free space. (Don’t select the original drive.)
  9. Click on the OK button to confirm and wait for the recovery to finish itself.
  10. A prompt window will appear in software to tell you that your selected files haven been recovery successfully to the place you appointed.

That’s how to recover files on your PC with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you don’t trust it, you can use the Trial Edition first.

If all the above methods failed, you could also try the optional solutions.

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