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How to Fix Dllhost.exe Application Error

Dllhost.exe is a legitimate process that belongs to the Microsoft Windows operating system. This executable process is known as COM deputy which manages DLL based applications. In addition, it works to control processes in Internet Information Services (IIS), load .NET runtime and do other activities. In this post, I will walk you through on how to fix the application error.

When you try to open an application, you may receive an error message that states “dllhost.exe -Application Error” which can prevent you from launching the affected programs. If you have no idea what it is and you are panic, you are lucky to have found this post. It will show you detailed instructions about what dllhost.exe is and how to fix the dllhost.exe application error.


Dllhost.exe is an important Windows operating system file running in the background, which is also known as COM Surrogate.  If “dllhost.exe COM Surrogate” crashes, an error message will pop up saying “COM Surrogate has stopped working”.

It is responsible for showing thumbnails processing images, videos, and other files and is also responsible for helping File Explorer to function and so on. You can always see this process while opening Task Manager.

All the executable files are important to every software application and dllhost.exe is one of these executable files.

They contain the instructions that the computer needs to follow to carry out particular functions.

Each software application on your computer includes a corresponding executable file and it can be used to implement the instructions. If there are no executable files including dllhost.exe, any program on your computer won’t work.

Malware and viruses can take advantage of vulnerable of these executable files. Malware files can use the name of dllhost.exe to avoid detection and use it as a way to spread virus or malware infection via spam emails, infected websites or malware-laden ads.

Malware or virus infection is a common cause of dllhost.exe errors. If your computer gets infected, dllhost.exe may be targeted and replaced with corrupted copies, which could result in errors in the end. 

Dllhost.exe Application Error

When you launch a computer or run some programs, you may see “dllhost.exe - Application Error”. That means something is wrong with your device.

Uninstalled Windows updates can trigger this error. Here are some other reasons: invalid registry entries, corrupted/deleted dllhost.exe files and malware infection.

What Should You Do Before Fixing the Dllhost.exe Application Error?

Although the solutions provided

How to Fix “Dllhost.exe - Application Error”?

Solution 1: Update Your Operating System

Solution 2: Perform an SFC Scan

Solution 3: Perform a DISM Scan

Solution 4: Scan Your Computer for Malware or Virus Infection

Solution 5: Update Your Display Adapter Driver

Solution 6: Tweak Your Performance Settings

Solution 7: Perform a System Restore

To learn the detailed steps of these fixes, or more method, check out the post.

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