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How to Fix Computer Keeps Crashing

Are you troubled by computer crash? Many laptop owners are struggling with this type of problem. In many cases, they are not caused by various types of failures or equipment imperfections. We often lead to this situation. So before we set off with our new computer to the store demanding recognition of the warranty, let's think about whether you can do something that will restore its former efficiency.

Reasons for Computer Keeps Crashing

The computer keeps crashing issue can attribute to 3 main issues including overheating, hardware errors and software errors. 

To begin with, we return to the already raised problem of installing a large number of programs, which are usually used by us once, and then fall into oblivion. The problem is that many of them are still running in the background. Each time the system is started, they are started and then function all the time, unnecessarily loading RAM and the processor.


As a result, a large amount of our laptop's power is used unnecessarily, which of course translates into slowing down the operation of the system, as well as programs that we actually need. When the laptop is slow, it is worth paying attention to what applications are currently working.

Other elements can also result in PC keeps crashing issue. For example:

  • Power supply failure
  • The central processing unit (CPU) can also be the source of crashes due to excessive heat.
  • These same errors can occur in application programs.
  • The added devices like printers also make the computer crash.
  • The OS can also crash when it fails to manage system resources correctly and recover memory space properly. 
  • Computers may crash because different devices try to use the same internal ID to operate after adding new, conflicting hardware to a system.
  • The OS can crash if information it needs is corrupted on disk. 
  • Software bugs

If you use Windows Vista or newer Windows OS, you can use built-in tool – Reliability Monitor to find the case behind the computer keeps crashing issue.

You can open it by typing reliability in the search box and clicking on View reliability history as the following picture shows you.


The reliability monitor will tell you the computer’s reliability and problem history. For example, you can see a red circle with an “X” if your Windows crashes or freezes. By clicking the column that has an X, you can find the reason of the freeze and crash. In this way, you can fix the issue more quickly.

How to Fix PC Keeps Crashing Method 1: Detect and Repair Bad Sectors on the Hard Disk

Bad sectors on the hard disk can cause PC crash consecutively. To check if there are any bad sectors on the hard disk, you need to utilize a professional program like MiniTool Partition Wizard.

The Surface Test feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard enables you to know the result very quickly. Besides, you can also utilize this partition manager to check SSD health, recover missing data, check and fix file system error, resize/move partition,.

Method 2: Ensure That Your CPU Works Properly

As overheating can trigger the PC keeps crashing issue, you should try checking if your CPU works properly.

#1: Clean your computer’s case

#2: Obtain Proper Ventilation

#3: Make sure that fans work normally

Method 3: Boot in Safe Mode

To exclude the possibility that a certain program or application sparkles the PC crashing consecutively issue, you can try booting in safe mode and then configuring applications to uninstall.

If your computer can run normally after booting in safe mode, the program or application is the fault. In this case, you can uninstall it. Since you are in safe mode, you cannot uninstall the program. How to configure uninstalling programs? Here are steps for you.

Apart from the mentioned methods above, there are more methods that you can use to get rid of the problem, including Run SFC Utility, Update Drivers,.

Since computer crash can result in data loss, you need to recover the data after fixing the crash issue. MiniTool Partition Wizard is strongly recommended for you. The Partition Recovery and Data Recoveryfeatures allow you to do find you data easily.


As it turns out, there can be really many reasons for this. There may be a problem with the hard disk, RAM, and many other aspects. Often this is caused by our inattention when using the Internet, through which we download a lot of unnecessary files to our disk and install programs that, after a single use, we leave to run in the background. Of course, the problem of slow knitting of a laptop can also be associated with other issues. All this makes it worth discussing all eventualities.

Now, you may know the answers to the question - why does my computer keeps crashing. Possible causes have been listed for you. Besides, you can fix the PC keeps crashing issue by using the given methods in the post.

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