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The California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC): Record Number of Cyber Security Companies from Israel to Showcase their Newest Innovations at the RSA Conference 2015

The California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) announced that more than 40 Cyber Security companies from the Israeli high-tech hotbed, a record number of companies from Israel to be showcased at the RSA Conference, will demonstrate their newest, most innovative cyber security solutions. This year’s RSA Conference will be held April 20-24 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Together the CICC and the Israel Economic Mission are jump-starting the week of the RSA Conference with a unique all-day event to expose the startups to potential investors, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), marketing experts, and more. “This is the second year where the CICC and the Israel Economic Mission are providing a unique platform for cyber security entrepreneurs from Israel, which accelerates their exposure to the global security market,” said Talia Cohen, Executive Director of the CICC.

As a business hub connecting Israeli related companies with International California-based corporations, the CICC has a significant focus on the Cyber Security industry to help startups, tech leaders and VCs from Israel, the United States and other countries learn from each other and identify potential business opportunities that promote their respective companies and economies. The formation of a dedicated Cyber Security Committee, headed by Tim Mather, the CISO of Cadence, has allowed CICC to dedicate itself to building a bridge between California and Israeli-based companies in all facets of cyber security.

"There are currently only two major centers of innovation for information security: Silicon Valley and Israel so it is important to tie those two centers together through organizations like the CICC," said Mather.

Today, more than 20 cyber security companies are members of the CICC, including large and established vendors such as Check Point Software Technologies, Imperva, Skybox Security, and a long list of startups.

CICC Israeli members showcasing at RSA Conference 2015:

  • Checkmarx (
  • Check Point Software Technologies (
  • Comilion (
  • Covertix (
  • Cybereason (
  • Dome9 (
  • enSilo (
  • FireLayers (
  • Forthscale (
  • Hexadite (
  • Imperva (
  • LightCyber (
  • Seculert (
  • Sentrix (
  • Skybox Security (
  • Skycure (
  • ThetaRay (
  • TrapX Security (
  • Whitebox Security (
  • WireX (

In the last decade, the Israeli industry has been known as a global force in the field of cyber defense:

“Based on our research, more than 150 cyber security companies were founded in Israel since 2012,” says Yoav Leitersdorf, Managing Partner at YL Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that is focused on cyber security and invests primarily in Israeli companies.

"Israel has been successful at turning its cyber security threat into a significant business competitive advantage," stated Yoav Tzruya, Venture Partner at JVP.

"Leveraging the state's significant investment in training state-of-the-art cyber defense professionals into creating new cyber security paradigms.”

The Israeli government has made cyber security a priority, leveraging its education, military and technology eco-system.

The Israeli cyber security industry saw its fair share of recent IPOs and acquisitions. “The increased activity in the M&A of Israeli cyber security companies has shown the technological competitiveness of Israel in the hyper growth security market. We believe this is only the beginning and we will see large substantial cyber security companies emerge out of Israel,” added Ronen Nir, [General Partner] at Carmel Ventures.

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About The California Israel Chamber of Commerce
The California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is a not-for-profit, industry-supported organization dedicated to promoting and strengthening thought leadership, business, investment, entrepreneurship, technology and trade relations between the business communities of California and Israel. With its wide and dynamic network of over 10,000 entrepreneurs, companies, business executives, investors and service providers, CICC provides a networking platform for joint venture programs between the two communities.

Through networking events, personalized introductions, mentorship programs, investment forums, roundtables, educational seminars and delegations, CICC contributes to a stronger business and commercial alliance between California and Israel.

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