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Nanaoleaf Canvas gets you in touch with colour

Nanoleaf Canvas

Following on from the success of the amazing Nanoleaf lighting system and the Nanoleaf Remote. The Nanoleaf Canvas is a new lighting system that can change, shift and grow with you. With interactive touch technology engineered to react to your unique gestures, touch to turn on, off, adjust brightness, switch animations and activate the music visualiser. 


The Nanoleaf Canvas is here to change the way you think about lighting. For the past two years, the Nanoleaf Light Panels have coloured in countless homes and offices. Now comes the Canvas: the first-ever touch controlled modular smart light with built-in music sync and the ability to create truly immersive lighting experiences.

“With each new product we create, our goal is always to offer a more personal & joyful lighting experience curated to each individual user,” says Gimmy Chu, CEO & Co-Founder of Nanoleaf.

Tap the ‘Shuffle’ button on the Control Square to discover 1000s of new Scenes instantly.

Now you can change the entire ambience of your home with one single touch - even without your phone.

Bring the beauty of real-life scenes of nature right into your home. Touch to send the soft ripples of a Koi pond Scene running across your walls, and then touch again to set the perfect mood for date night. Relaxing at the end of the day or getting ready for a party? There’s a Canvas Scene for every scenario and occasion life has to offer.


Combining smart controls with a classic edge-lit aesthetic, the thoughtful design of the Nanoleaf Canvas makes it a standalone piece of art that appeals to the senses while making your home more intelligent. With a multi-faceted texture effect, the Canvas’ brilliant crystal-like optics play off of the traditional marble tile - eloquently capturing that elusive human touch often neglected by today’s smart home.

"The advanced customisations offer the smartest controls while the multi- faceted marble-like design makes the Canvas a standalone piece of art on your wall. We’re incredibly excited to introduce the Canvas - hopefully instilling more joy and a sense of belonging into each and every space it inhabits.” 

Gimmy Chu, CEO & Co-Founder of Nanoleaf.

I doesn't matter if you are trying to add some light to a dim corner or going for wow factor or just having some fun with the Canvas, you decide how your light fits into and makes your every - day life better.

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