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Seymour Direct Launches New Range of Contactless Card Terminals

Prior to 2012 all card payments in the United Kingdom were carried out by customers inserting their credit or debit card into a Chip and Pin terminal. New 'Contactless' cards have now been mailed to card holders and businesses are beginning to install the new technology.

Contactless payment is being promoted by the card association in the United Kingdom since it is a new technology which provides quicker and more convenient card transactions. The new method of processing payments allows customers at retail outlets all across the country to simply 'wave' their credit or debit card in front of radio frequency card terminal and their payment is then authorized when a green light flashes. There has been a mixed response to the unveiling of contactless by merchant's and consumers alike and this is mainly concerning the potential security issues that could occur if a card was lost or stolen. Although payments can be made easily with the new cards, fraud prevention measures have been put in place which mean customers can only use the new method for payments below £20 and random checks for a card holders pin code are regularly requested. Up until recently it was hard for smaller businesses to acquire these new card terminals since they were only available by approaching an acquiring bank directly but contacting a payment processing bank up front is more expensive and it can be difficult to get approved depending on what type of business you run. Fortunately for businesses across Britain, Seymour Direct who are one of the longest serving card processors have released their range of the latest Ingenico® card machines for businesses to rent. There are streamlined and handheld card machines which come in the usual variety of static, wireless and fully mobile. If you want to know the requirements for contactless functionality you can visit:


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