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Fencing Services in Australia

New fencing is a fantastic project for you if your current fence or gate is in bad condition, or if your property does not have a fence, but you want to add one to specify your property , add privacy or improve the curb appeal of your residence.


In these situations, fantastic quality fencing installation can solve the problem and make certain your house is kept free of those annoying visitors. Custom fencing is our specialty, as is our dedication to quality, strength and durable fences. We know that fence installation is an investment, and we are here to deliver fantastic workmanship. Our custom gates may take any metal, and make some style with customized details.

Custom Fencing is a one stop shop for all your fencing needs such as agricultural, electric, security, bear, wildlife fences and upkeep. Colorbond fencing is also a secure barrier. Colorbond Fencing has a variety of colours  and styles to pick from. Fence installation has become our passion and we always ensure to go above and beyond for every client we work with. Even the most seasoned contractors know that a survey for fencing installation is essential for a successful project.

Our fencing services can fit with your landscaping needs, when you have moved to a brand new devote, if your property was destroyed by seasonal changes (monsoon season), or if you would like to revamp your fencing and outdoor area. At Fence and Deck, we do wood fence repairs for homeowners and businesses. Another clear benefit of custom fencing is that it can include better options for keeping thieves and burglars away from your property.

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