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Carlo Fernandez - Technology Editor - Contact Me
I'm a writer, editor, researcher, analyst and manager.
I have written and published hundreds of tech related articles.
I currently work as managing editor for a team of writers. My skills include editing, proofreading and of course writing.

Julie Thomas - Technology Journalist - Contact Me
I'm a prolific writer of all things tech. My news covers niche areas within the technology industry, CRM, TPM, and Workforce Management

Paul Hosking - Founder - Commissioning Editor - Press Release Approval- Contact Me
As well as commissioning all news articles that appear on WhaTech's latest news pages. I oversee all press submissions to ensure quality and relevance.

Stern Curator - Senior Technology Journalist - Contact Me
Stern Curator is a IT&T industry veteran who has been tracking and analysing a broad swath of industry developments, technologies and politics for almost 30 years.


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