Press Release Content Management System

Free webinar: Choosing the Best CMS

Join Sitecore, Next Digital and Reading Room for an engaging presentation on navigating the complex process of choosing a Web CMS.

A panel discussion with non-linear creations and Siteworx, agencies that work with multiple Web CMS providers, will follow. This discussion will give attendees a unique, real-world perspective on the process. By registering for this webinar, you can submit questions at any time before or during the event, to be answered during the panel discussion.

Customers and marketing have changed, drastically! That makes choosing the right Web Content Management System a business critical decision. Choose the wrong CMS and you create a barrier between you and your customers. Choose the right CMS and you can engage your customers at many levels and across many channels.

A Web Content Management System is not just another software system. It is the communication vehicle that connects your company’s stakeholders, executives, marketers, and developers, with your customers. The CMS you choose must be able to engage customers at many levels and through many marketing channels. You must have a CMS that has the power, flexibility, and expansion to meet your current and future needs.