Odoo 14 Expected Features

Everyone expects a major shift in Odoo and waiting anxiously for Odoo 14 release. Most assumptions about Odoo 14 features pass through the days.

Building a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance

Having an idea to build crypto exchange like binance? Want to know how much does it cost to build binance like crypto exchange? Coinjoker offers binance clone script at minimum budget and the price various on your requirements.

Increase reviews on Search Engines CRM Software

Growing businesses face the challenges of tracking leads, task scheduling, monitoring, and other day-to-day activities. CRM Runner is your one-stop solution for field service and office management. It helps you to track, schedule, and automate your daily activities, while also providing streamline communication & valuable data in real-time back to your customers.

How CRM Can Help with Event Management

Meetings, conferences, and the like are important events to help promote businesses and gain customers. But planning an event isn’t that easy – establishing dates, inviting guests, searching a location and preparing resources are just some of the tasks to be accomplished. An impressive event will surely make your customer pleased and lead to great reviews and for them to share your products to others. The use of a CRM system’s event management capabilities can help ensure a successful event.

“I’m Motivated to Work!” – CRM Gamification

Is it common for employees to enthusiastically and sincerely say “I want to work!” or “I’m having fun working!”? Of course, there will be some, but I bet only a small percent of the workforce agrees with the statements. Engaging and motivating employees to participate and work better are issues that businesses have been trying to decipher, which is where CRM gamification comes in.

SMBs: Do I really need a Mobile CRM?

SMBs or small and midsize business is defined by Gartner as “a business which, due to its size, has different IT requirements—and often faces different IT challenges.” So the question is, do SMBs really need a mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM and Customer Loyalty

Client, consumer, patron, prospect, regular shopper – terms to describe the people you interact with in and those you value in your organization. Inviting more and keeping customer loyalty are your utmost goal!