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SMBs: Do I really need a Mobile CRM?

SMBs or small and midsize business is defined by Gartner as “a business which, due to its size, has different IT requirements—and often faces different IT challenges.” So the question is, do SMBs really need a mobile CRM?

Businesses, no matter how small or large, need and use CRM. Numerous articles have reckoned reasons and benefits of CRM, some of which includes:
• Being organized – tasks, events, meetings, emails, notes, data…
• Enhance communication between team members
• Better reports, metrics and analytics
• Connection and updates on customer status and needs
• Record keeping and history of communication
• Tracking activities and effective scheduling
• Centralized data for ease of access and protection from data loss

And yes, SMBs realize the need of a CRM, but why push for mobile CRM?

Using an office-based CRM is great, but what happens when an employee steps out of the office? Information must still be available to the sales personnel on his way to meet a client, or to a manager on a business trip who wants to check on his team.

Mobile CRM enables employees’ access to information anywhere, anytime – customer information to improve sales performance or team information for collaboration. Collection and recording of information are also made easier with mobile CRM, updates can readily be made at the source, the sales personnel no longer waits to get back to the office just to update the CRM.

An increase in sales is expected with mobile CRM. Sales personnel have more time to sell and are updated with product information and client preferences. Customer satisfaction rises because of the rate of response to their inquiries or requests.

The sales process becomes faster. When data such as inventory availability and pricing is available, clients can make the decision quickly. And when orders are finalized, it can be submitted even when the sales rep is still on the field.

And for managers, coaching and monitoring is a breeze with mobile CRM. Sales reports are always updated and team performance can be monitored. Reports are also available and customizable, giving managers the insight where and who to coach and what needs to be solved, even before the problem arises.

Having a CRM is no longer enough, go mobile and see how your company would prosper with this technology.

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