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5 Steps to an Influential Sales Presentation


Create an Impact to Positively Influence a Buying Decision

In a highly competitive market where every entrepreneur tries to put their best foot forward, it is very important to think out of the box to stand out and draw your prospect’s attention towards your product.  When an unexpected thing happens to you, wouldn’t it augment your curiosity and capture your interest? Similarly, make your clients curious about your product or services by innovating and presenting it differently. It isn’t only about what you are presenting but also about how you are presenting it. A humdrum presentation will just divert their attention but an interesting one will propel them to take the next step.

Wondering how to make it interesting? Fright not! Below are 5 sales presentation tips that will help you to seal the deal.

Build a good rapport

We understand you are in a hurry to close a deal, but beginning directly with your presentation will leave an impression that you are not interested in the client but only in getting their signature on the contract. You need to build trust by showing interest in his company and its challenges to give him an assurance that you are there for a solution rather than just selling a product.  Conduct a rigorous research before meeting your clients and try to understand their main business area & the challenges faced by the company to discuss and create a good rapport with your prospects.

Use showmanship

Instead of just speaking about your product give an interesting example to justify your products or services. Like, for instance, give a glass full of holes to your prospect and ask him to pour sand in it without the sand spilling out through the hole. Challenge him that you can do the same without the sand spilling out of the glass. He will obviously find it impossible, once he is unable to do, take the same glass of holes and put it in a plastic glass without holes and justify saying, like this glass without holes, our product is the solution for your business. It will help you function smoothly and effectively without any hindrance in your work process.

Avoid dependence on mere visuals

You wouldn’t have been appointed if the slides and brochures could sell your product. Creating an impressive powerpoint presentation is not enough, you need to set an impact verbally. There is a general practice to prepare a list of points about the product or services that is pitched in every meeting with a brochure or a powerpoint presentation. But have you checked its relevance with the prospect’s company? You need to focus on the client’s need. Each firm, though in the same field have different requirements, so you need to prepare your pitch as per their needs and present it convincingly to develop their interest in your products or services.

Liven it up

You too have attended meetings and presentations, so would it be interesting to hear a monotonous tone or view a lot of facts and statistics? The answer is obviously no; it will just be a boring session where you are bound to sit without an option to leave. Don’t make your presentation a mundane session that they regret attending, instead wear the creative cap and come up with innovative solutions to present the facts. Put in a lot of energy and be more interactive to involve them with interest in your presentations.

Effective Conclusion  

We normally commence a presentation with great enthusiasm but tend to ignore the end. The conclusion is equally important as the beginning; as what you say in the end will be fresh in your prospect’s mind. So, choose the final words of your presentation very carefully to create a positive and lasting impact.

These are the keys to the door of opportunity, use it wisely to crack the next deal


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