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Set SMART goals for your sales reps using the SMART principle

‘Setting Goals’ are two words that have reached our ears and eyes a multiple time and propelled us to think and set one. With total enthusiasm, we took a paper and jotted down our goals. How many of us did achieve those goals? As time passed, the paper was dumped in a corner, and the goals were just erased from our memory. Research by the University of Scranton says that 92 percent of people that set New Year's goals never actually achieve them.

Setting a goal is not enough you need to be dedicated to achieve it. Take it slowly but have an unwavering commitment to your goal to achieve it successfully. The goal gives control over your future and renders clarity in decision-making. You need to take your time and set your goal first.

Apply the SMART principle to set your goals.

SMART stands for --

➢        Specific

➢        Measurable

➢        Attainable

➢        Relevant

➢        Time-bound

Once you decide the area you wish to focus, you need to apply the SMART principle and set smart goals for your reps.

SMART Principle

Specific – Define your goal. Clearly and precisely describe what you want to achieve.

Measurable- Using metrics you need to measure the progress towards the attainment of your goals.

Attainable-Is it possible to reach the outcome?

Relevant- What is the objective behind setting this specific goal? Is it worth the efforts?

Time Bound- Set a specific deadline to accomplish the goal.

Set smart goals for your sales reps

As a sales honcho, you are in the driver’s seat, and it is your responsibility to lead your team on the path to success.Setting smart goals for your sales rep will give them a direction; it mobilizes the focus towards an actionable behavior. It gives a clear picture to the sales rep stating the three W’s and one H. It creates a clear roadmap explaining ‘What’ they need to do, ’Why’ they need to do it, by ‘When’ they need to complete it and ‘How’ will they accomplish it. Before setting goals for your team, you need to understand the company’s overall goal and vision and accordingly set the goals that meet the company’s target.

As a sales head, you need to strategize the setting of your smart goal for your sales rep to meet the company’s business objectives. You need to concentrate on four different areas while setting a smart goal for your team that includes:

  •    Finance

This is the main area that gets the maximum attention by the sales teams. It covers the financial aspects like revenue and profit margin of the company.

  •    Sales Pipeline

The pipeline goals are intended towards closing more accounts. It focuses on generating maximum leads, increasing sales velocity and passing the deal quickly from the sales pipeline.

  •    Outbound activities

Outbound activities like e-mails, calls, and meetings are the pathway to reach the customers. So, use this medium smartly. Set targets for these activities to increase the sales ratio of the company

  •    Improvement

Weakness at any point can affect the team’s performance. So, you need to emphasize on the areas your sales reps are weak. For example, a sales rep is not able to set an appointment. So, work on this point, provide tips to resolve the issue and accordingly set goals for improvement to boost the performance.

Let’s see with an example how to use this Smart principle to set smart goals for different areas -


By the end of the first quarter, I will close 20 accounts by making 30 calls a day and meeting ten prospects in a week. For this, I will enhance my calling script and work on the presentation to communicate and interact better with the prospects.

Using this SMART principle, you can set smart goals for your sales rep and give them a direction for achieving their target. Once you prepare a list of SMART goals, then you and team need to focus on putting these points into action for reaching your sales goal.

To put these points into action, you can usesales goal tracking tools like Salesmate that aids in managing sales goals and automates the sales processes to increase conversions and quickly reach your sales objective.


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