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Effective Tactics to Improve Communication Within Sales Team


Communication is essential for the success of a business. The bottom line of a business suffers when there is lack of communication and trust within a sales team. Not only that, it even leads to dispute, conflict, and unwanted complications. Moreover, it affects the manager too when the team is unable to meet the sales goals due to poor communication.

A star sales player cannot achieve the goals and agenda of a team alone, no matter how good he/she is. It is a team effort, so it is necessary that every member of the team coordinate with each other and work together in unity. For working together on the sales goal, everybody needs to be on the same page. As a sales manager, it is your responsibility to join separate parts by boosting team communication for creating a winning sales culture.

To help you, below I have stated smart tactics for improving the communication within your sales team:

1. Create and maintain transparency

Working behind the closed doors creates misunderstandings and unnecessary issues that affect the team’s performance.

As Dalai Lama rightly said, “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”

Open the doors and maintain transparency for enhancing communication within the team. Encourage an open exchange of ideas; everyone should be able to voice their opinion and concerns freely. Using tools such as sales CRM can help you in building transparency in your sales process as all the data and activities are stored on a single platform. Each member of your team can see, what has been done and what is pending to take immediate actions.

Moreover, a CRM can be integrated with a commu…n tool like Slack making things easier for your sales team. You can seamlessly communicate on Slack and get each update of your deals without switching between applications. Your team can easily discuss the deal and create strategies to close it successfully.


2. Conduct interesting team building activities

Team building activities are the best way to improve communication and build trust within the team. You can begin with mock calls. For example - ask one of your sales rep to pretend as a customer and the other to call and pitch your product. Tell the others to observe and list down the strengths and weaknesses of the sales rep on a paper without mentioning their names.

Keep it anonymous and once each member of the team is done with the mock call, read out the strengths and weaknesses aloud. Ask each teammate to provide their views. Discuss on tactics to deal with client’s objections. Make a list of tactics as each sales rep share their opinions. Later, use these tactics while interacting with the clients and check its effectiveness.

You can also conduct an activity on picture pieces.

  • Collect few pictures of famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Stallman and Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Cut the pieces, mix it and put it into an envelope.
  • Create four teams and ask them to collect the pieces from other teams to make the face of the famous personality.

This activity will help in strengthening the communication and negotiation skills of the sales reps as each team will have to barter pieces for creating the picture of the famous personality. Track time and reward the team that completes the activity first. These activities are the fun way to improve communication; it makes sales reps comfortable around each other.

3. Make the most of the coffee breaks

Coffee is the best refreshment that charges a tired mind. Instead of each sales rep taking separate coffee breaks, why not meet up together as a team and revitalize the mind with a cup of coffee.

Such coffee chit chats give sales reps an opportunity to interact informally with the teammates and speak about what they are working on. It is the apt environment to be open and brainstorm new ideas.

As per a research by Harvard Business Review, teams who took coffee breaks together increased efficiency by as much as 20%

So, make the most out of these coffee breaks to promote healthy communication. Don’t only have a work-related conversation during this 10 minutes. Use the time wisely; balance it with non-work related topics. Let your team relax and communicate with each about anything that interests them.

Bring them closer as a team with these informal coffee breaks so that they can freely discuss things with each other. This will also help them while working on a high potential deal. Instead of acting as competitors who just want to hit their sales target, they will willingly help each other and work in unity to achieve the common goal of increasing the company’s revenue.

“It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit”- Robert Yates  

4. Provide necessary training

Training is the essential element for improving communication within your team. Training seems time-consuming, but it is worth the efforts. Healthy communication within the team leads to better sales results.

Conduct training sessions to strengthen interpersonal communication. Explain in detail how to develop interpersonal skills and state the advantages of improving these skills. Such session ameliorates inter collegial communication and has a positive impact on their sales performance.  

Besides bolstering interpersonal communication, try to focus on improving their overall communication.  Like, provide training on business writing, giving presentations and improving their body language.

5. Use communication tools

The only way to meet the expectations set by the top management is by helping and supporting each other in the team. However, it becomes difficult to communicate with your teammates when you are physically divided. With the evolution of advanced technologies, you can now fill the communication gap by embracing the ultra-modern communication tools available in the market.

  • With a collaborative communicating tool like Slack, you can easily connect with your teammates and keep all the conversation in one place. Create channels and exchange ideas with your team.
  • By using a high-end video conferencing tool like Zoom, you can conduct team meeting with your teammates in different time zone and geographical location.
  • With a cloud-based sales tool like Salesmate, you can easily see which teammate is working on which deal and coordinate with them on follow-ups with the clients as all the information is systematically stored in a centralized location.
  • You can easily collaborate with your team and discuss all the details about a project with a project management tool like Basecamp.

Concluding thoughts

You make your team stronger when you fill the communication gap between them. They can work more efficiently together as a team. As every sales rep has different potential, so when all of them are put together, it becomes easier to achieve the team’s sales goals.

We hope the tactics mentioned above will help you in improving the communication within your sales team. If you want to know more tactics and strategies about sales, then you can check out our blog page where you will find informative content on increasing sales, managing your sales pipeline and similar blogs that will help you in improving your sales performance.


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