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Top benefits of Dynamic CRM Integration with SharePoint

There are an array of benefits a business can attain Microsoft App development software that was integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint for your organization.

Organizations have recognized the demand for integrated Dynamic CRM and SharePoint. If some business has not implemented this technology they are lagging and not aware of the benefits they are lacking.

Enterprises have deployed the solutions of Microsoft Dynamic CRM and SharePoint that helps them achieving advantages as per their business sizes.  There are an array of benefits a business can attain Window App development software that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint for your organization.


In a competitive market in the Digital world, it is essential to stay updated about products and customer service methodologies to streamline operation and promote growth. Microsoft Dynamics CRM features allow you to store and manage documents with the help of SharePoint frame of Dynamic CRM record and implement the Share Point document management skills in CRM.

This helps users to achieve focused business goals through better communication through CRM and SharePoint users.

CRM Entities that Benefits from SharePoint integration include :

  • Document Management – SharePoint integration would help you upload documents and partner locations through URLs instead of annotations with the CRM. With one click function and simplified Workflow, it benefits in uploading documents either in Word or PDF Format. There are various tools offered like Storage in SharePoint, check-in/out capabilities, version control, document sharing, set up a review, approval workflows and many more.
  • Easy Access – Users have the freedom to switch applications stored on SharePoint without constantly switching the application. Simply, you have to attach document location associated by describing URL of existing SharePoint folder. If a user is seeking for account details, he can access easily and integrate it.
  • Security – With Dynamic CRM and SharePoint integration, users are able to view, edit or share documents and inspect for the version history via the same platform. While for non-CRM users there is an option for access documents via SharePoint but it requires some adequate rights and authorization by SharePoint server. Users cannot access rights and authorizations.
  • Better Team Collaboration – The vital benefit of Dynamic CRM and SharePoint Integration is better team collaboration. Every organization has a solidly built document management system that ease its process managing automate sales and marketing process. To maintain and share various documents throughout departments, it is essential to have Microsoft App Development Software that simplified your process. This allows the users to work with documents on one platform with faster and efficient results within the team.
  • Quick Inter-Entity Linking– Marketing Campaigns, opportunities or cases studies documents are to be linked with other organizational bodies. With Dynamic CRM and SharePoint Integration is becomes easy and it includes:
  1. Quotes – With SharePoint, third parties can modify and attach prices list and references.
  2. Marketing Campaigns – With this tool you can benefit from all targeted products and important offers.
  3. Documents – User can add documents related simply by specifying the URL of an existing folder on the SharePoint server.
  4. Products – A user can view, add product related information as per customer request. The data can be from licenses and pamphlets that serve you to create more opportunities or service as per customer interest and market.
  5. Sales Literature – It is an advantage for a customer to gain information about your products and answer questions with help of SharePoint.

This integration feature allows the user to edit, retrieve and share documents within the software with as per the rights allowed.

Out of Box customization

An organization having a customer service department tend to transfer documents to public domain out of the box, for that purpose Dynamic CRM serves the purpose. Users have the ability to customize websites on the same platform that offers personalized content to customers.

This benefit customer by accessing to view the content by allowing them rights to limited documents or product information.

Some Other benefits include

  • Easy Customer Management
  • Increased content management
  • Easy sharing and managing documents
  • One location accessibility.

Although the technology serves the major purpose of boosting business efficiency and better customer support, still there are companies that need some kind of customization as per their requirement. To experience the benefits and integration process you need to hire a skilled Microsoft technology associatethat can help you with it.

The custom software as a service offers countless enterprise software solution for your organizations and enterprises operate in different arenas globally. There are solutions designed robustly relative features to manage customers, vendor, suppliers and partners in an advanced manner.

Microsoft app development software would help you with exceptional services offered. It is essential to implement well the technology with help of a developer.

Developers ensure that business organization and enterprise should achieve requirements as per their landscape. They offer tools that are essential for high-quality customer services and features that improve efficiency and service levels.

There are Strategic CRM, Analytical CRM, Operational CRM and Collaborative CRM that serves various domains and business throughout the world. Each of them contributes different features to meet the needs of a wide range industry.

Summing Up

No matter the industry verticals whether being transportation, health, e-commerce, automobiles, finance, education, real estate or any other. There is a Dynamic CRM software available to meet the complex business goals.

It is essential to have a team of skilled developers who can handle programming and development services. They can help you in developing and deploying methodologies for a diverse range of industries.

Dynamic CRM and Sharepoint would offer a helping hand along with upgraded technology. It will increase productivity, efficiency and reduce cost and time without compromising the quality of work.

There are various factors when company collaborates to invest in Dynamic CRM and SharePoint integration. It is beneficial for customers as well as entrepreneurs.

Once you are aware of the top benefits, its right time to implement the technology.

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