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What are the best ways to integrate Dynamics AX with CRM?

Microsoft Dynamic AX is a powerful business solution, which comes with enterprise resource planning and customer relation management system.

Microsoft Dynamic AX is a powerful business solution, which comes with enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system. On the other place, Microsoft Dynamic CRM is a popular CRM system. The Dynamics AX incorporates various modules to support business operations such as finance, logistics, and warehouse, CRM, Production, and HR,. Dynamic CRM empowers the easy functioning of Marketing, Sales, and customer service.

Let's look at the concise detail of Dynamic CRM and Dynamics AX:

Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is CRM software developed by Microsoft and widely used by CRM development company. The software is made to focus on sales services and marketing services. CRM is an amazing tool for guiding towards productive sales and effective flow in the market. It completes the customer support chain, provides better social insights, and ensures accurate business intelligence. The same features are accessible through mobile devices as well.
Dynamics CRM offers the same functionalities to AX. CRM offers a role-based reporting over the sales report. Also, the CRM consists of features for the ad-hoc reporting functionalities. Much more can be added to CRM development services for varied business needs.  

Dynamics AX

Dynamic 365 is the ERP system, which is suitable for a large organization and widely used by software development companies. It was formerly known for Finance and operations. Enterprise resource planning is easy to use and provides swift Return on Investment with better business planning. Dynamics AX is a strong ERP solution. It helps business managers in organizing and automating the process enabling global operations. Microsoft enabled ERP system is fast and simple to use also improves ROI post-implementation.
Business owners appreciate the engaging feature of role centers because it offers quick analytics and KPIs for business performance metrics. Users can also track sales metrics.

Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX appear to be quite similar, in fact, they both contain enough differences between them. According to CRM development service expert,  Dynamics AX is the comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the utility tool for entire operation management for your medium and large-scale businesses. AX wheel out the operations for almost every business component including warehouse, Trade and logistics, Finance, Production, Master planning, Accounting, and HR,. Whereas the Dynamics CRM is the standalone product for completing the operations across marketing, sales and service management.

Dynamic AX CRM proffers deep integration with several modules. Also, Dynamics AX CRM gives typical CRM functionality and facilitates easy management. The Dynamics AX CRM though avails the typical CRM functionality for software development companies and different industry verticals and also enables to manage sales, order, quotation, activities, and service agreements. But the way AX CRM works is quite different from the Dynamic CRM. The dynamic AX CRM module shares the data through the Dynamics AX platform. For sharing, the data with another platform, development, and implementation of coding is done through custom coding.

Ways of Integration of Dynamics AX with CRM:

The integration of Dynamics AX and CRM is very much required by the businesses. The way depends on the requirements and the version of AX and CRM being integrated. Generally, three approaches are recommended.
1) Custom Application Development.
2) Use Microsoft Dynamic Connector.
3) Utilize the middleware option for integration.
Both AX and CRM offers important capabilities for running custom software development services. While both applications are different, but they both offer useful information that requires synchronization. The easy synchronization is possible with the connector. Here is guidance for setting and configuring the connector.

Install Dynamics X connector:

First, you need to install the connector and then you can follow below steps:
• You can search and find AX Dynamics Connector on Customer Source.
• Download the installation kit and install the .msi file.
• Enter the MSSQL location on the server.
• Enter the password and username and start installing.
• Click Finish, once the installation is complete.
You will find Connector on the program list or at the desktop.

Prepare the Configuration service

The integration services are needed to be configured after installation. This configuration is done through Dynamics AX. Here are steps for the configuration:

Prepare the configuration services

The connector easily integrates the AX and CRM services. However, it is required to configure the integration services for installation. Below are the steps to configure:

  • Go to Project Management are and Click over Setup.
  • Select the drop-down menu and choose Microsoft Dynamic CRM integration.
  • Select "Project to Dynamic CRM integration".
  • Run the program and let it finish.

Ready to configure the AX connector.

Configure the Connector:

  • Open Connector for Dynamics AX.
  • Go to the menu bar and choose Adapter settings.
  • Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 from the list of all adapters available. \
  • Type AOS Server name on the next page and enter the username and password for the integration.
  • Click over Configure Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
  • Click over the Refresh Service on the dialog box.
  • Click over the Configure and click out of the popup dialog box.
  • Check the configuration using the Test Setting button available over the Adapter settings form.

Click Ok if Configuration is right and apply the settings.

Configure the CRM connector:

  • On the left side of the form, click over Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The settings will be displayed. Enter the user name and password.
  • Enter the discovery URL of the connecting CRM.
  • Click Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM and start the configuration process.
  • Open the Adapter Configuration form and indicate the administrator details.
  • Click over Get Organizations.
  • The organization in CRM is displayed. Select the syncing organizations and click over next.
  • Click Configure on the configuration page and start the updating process of CRM.
  • Test the configuration through CRM adapter settings.
  • Click over Apply to save the changes.

Integrate the Dynamics AX to CRM:

  • Click on the New Integration from Connector for Dynamics AX.
  • Select a template of your choice from the drop-down or you can manually configure the integration.
  • The first adapter is set to Dynamics AX and the second adapter is set to CRM.
    Select the company for sync from the first drop-down list and CRM organization from the second application dropdown.
  • Click over create.

The system automatically does the integration.

Sync CRM picklist:

The connector is ready to use. However, now it is important first to synchronize the main table. AX and CRM need to be synchronized. The Picklists are synced which contains all codes.

  • Select the Enumerate Values to Picklist. Click over Activate.
  • Click save on the menu bar.
  • Here the integration starts and the connector discover the changes.

The Dynamics AX CRM integrated module proposes the great functional benefits and offers the powerful capabilities of traditional CRM to custom software development service providers, but still, there are some CRM functions, which are left out. The AX is deployed in premise or maybe partner-hosted whereas Dynamics CRM is easy to handle, develop and use because the system is natively integrated to the Office Suite. Also, dynamic CRM is powerful in terms of Mobility and Development. Therefore, it is deployable over various options such as Cloud, Partner hosted or on-premise. Also, the CRM is accessible by any browser or device. The above steps are really easy to follow, but still, you feel hesitated to manually follow the process, any reliable software development company can help you out.

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