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Mobile CRM and Customer Loyalty

Client, consumer, patron, prospect, regular shopper – terms to describe the people you interact with in and those you value in your organization. Inviting more and keeping customer loyalty are your utmost goal!

Let’s be real, the main goal of CRM systems are to automate processes and provide accessibility to users with mobile CRMs. What then? Isn’t it that we serve our customers and shouldn’t the CRM system work for them too?

The service your organization provides is the basis of customer loyalty. As stated by the title of Tom Hoffman’s article, “The first commandment of customer loyalty: Know thy customer,” ( paramount to gaining loyalty is understanding who you’re serving! But it doesn’t mean merely knowing the facts – understand your customers thoroughly – discern their preferences, transactions and behaviors. And these data are already in your organization, diffused all over! Your employees know something and may have written it or typed it somewhere – where’s that sticky note?!

Mobile CRM applications and mobile devices help ease the capturing process. Almost everyone, if not all, have their devices within reach. Recording of all information becomes simple, even notes that seems irrelevant at that time may be useful to other team members.

Mobile CRMs helps fuse all the information in a central storage. But a heap of data is of no value unless sorted, monitored and analyzed. Data synchronization makes sharing simple and access to these data straightforward. Management has access to detailed and accurate records anytime needed.

Now that you have the data that can be analyzed and monitored, use this information to serve your customers better ( Knowing their preferences means you are equipped to offer them what they need and what suits their lifestyle. If you talk about things that your clients are not interested in, it would just be a waste of time. Know what to offer, connect with them and let them feel they are important because you had the time to know what they need and what they want.

Delivering excellent service is also a factor of customer loyalty ( Thanks to CRM systems employees would be confident interacting with customers because they know that they have the latest updates on products and services and transaction status or records are easily accessible. Customers would no longer hear responses of uncertainty and “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” replies from employees that would frustrate them and lead them to jump ship.

Erroneous data and messed up transactions are also eliminated by CRM applications. Customers are sure to receive the services that they expect and more. Meetings with clients would never be postponed due to lack of contact details. Plus connecting with customers is easier with mobile CRM applications that are easily integrated with other applications such as email and social media. Know your customers, get and provide feedback, and connect with them instantly.

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