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Salesmate CRM launches shared Team Inbox

Salesmate, a sales intelligence software, launched its shared team inbox on 3rd March, 2019. This major feature update aims at providing its clients with a collaborative email workspace.

A workspace where new emails from a client can be manually assigned to individual team members for better follow-up. With a clearly defined role, sales team members will find it easy to deliver faster and better customer experiences.

Team members can easily involve necessary individuals in the email conversation by mentioning them for providing quicker resolution to the customers.

The new feature update will help support teams in increasing their response time.

Members from various departments (sales, marketing, and support) can come together for resolving customers queries related to product or service.

Team members can attach email conversations to contacts, deals, and companies, if necessary. The shared team inbox update will allow Salesmate users to have one single view of the customers email conversation history.

This will allows the assigned owner of the email to send out personalised responses based on past interaction and resolve their queries quickly.


Team members will be able to manage multiple email conversations inside a collaborative shared email environment. Sales and support teams can manage all the email conversation from a centralized source and bid farewell to the mess CC’s and email threads used to make.

To know more about the Salesmate team inbox, click here.

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