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Enriching Customer Relationships Comes of Age Driving 400% Growth for Consumer Focused CRM, the CRM startup focusing on consumer relationships, announces thriving first quarter results. Highlights include increases in customer trials and strong sales from paying clients. The company reports new signups, including clients such as DHL, RootsRated, Rock Creek and VetAura.

The first B2C CRM, provides a CRM solely focused on customers and their relationships with clients’ brands across all channels, both physical and digital. A solution others have been promising for years, now delivers.

When first launched, was hailed by Sheryl Kingstone, director of mobile leadership strategies for 451 Research as solving a problem that a lot of CRM vendors have never addressed properly. “Other vendors -- most in the industry, in fact -- claim they can do this, but is taking a novel approach,” she told ECT News. "They are addressing the problem from the orchestration side, creating a dialogue across all channels. They want to be able to offer their customers' customer an insight-driven experience.", the cloud platform that is redefining Customer Relationship Management through a sole focus of enhancing relationships from the customer’s point of view, has been selected by VetAura as its customer experience relationship platform for both their veterinary reference lab offerings and their xtend.Care Innovation Lab, a joint veterinary data analytics initiative involving several of North America’s leading veterinary specialty hospitals and industry visionaries.

“We selected after a diligent search where we determined that traditional CRM technologies just manage instances of service - and that wasn’t enough for what we need to do. is the only platform that enables us to transform a client’s round trip journey through their veterinary care episode, delivering on the promise of client engagement across the full continuum of care,” says Joe Rossi, President of VetAura.

As VentureBeat reported, just raised $2.9 million in January. CEO and co-founder David Trice explains, “We focus on recognizing individuals, enriching each interaction and communicating with customers on their terms. By doing so we are not only able to deliver superior experiences, but also able to provide companies a view into how they are performing in delivering experiences from the customers point of view. allows companies to have complete insight into the building of ongoing relationship and how well they’re doing with engendering customer loyalty in this new, customer-centric world.”

CMOs need to build relationships with their customers in order to deliver unprecedented experiences without the headache of implementing technologies that simply encourage customer churn with optimization for conversion across individual silos. enables businesses to recognize customers across every physical or digital touchpoint, whether that be over the web on any device, over the phone, via email, or in person - by accumulating and assimilating data on each and every customer.

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About is the experience-driven enterprise platform that re-invents customer relationship management (CRM). Especially in retail, hospitality and financial services, customers engage with organizations across a growing universe of disconnected interactions. Until now, that prevented a consistent customer experience and increased customer churn. Today, succeeds in placing the customer experience at the center of interactions for enterprise brands, regardless of modality, media, or global geography. We enable leading companies to create the customer relationship their advocates are asking for. Sign up at

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