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Text messages with conversation view and QuickBooks Online native integration inside Salesmate CRM

Salesmate CRM moves a step further and upgrades its text messages with conversation view and QuickBooks native integration for providing better user experience.

Salesmate CRM moves a step further and upgrades its text messages with a conversation view for providing better user experience. The CRM software development team has also launched its QuickBooks Online native integration.

Text messages with conversation view

Through this new update, users will be able to see the entire communication with their contacts in one single thread. No more moving back and forth for finding a specific message.

Ease of accessing the text history, referring to previous conversations and sending relevant messages to their prospects is what this update majorly focuses on.

Salesmate CRM intends making the two-way conversations smoother for building strong customer relationships. The new text conversation view decreases the chances of missing out on important client messages.

Multiple threads are created for different numbers of clients to avoid unnecessary confusion. Users can easily get insights about their outbound texts to know how many text messages were sent and which failed.

QuickBooks native integration

Keep your sales game up with Salesmate and QuickBooks online native integration. Once users authorize Quickbooks Online inside Salesmate CRM they will be able to enjoy a streamlined view of their financial records. This integration will focus on removing the pain of switching between accounting and CRM tools by showing the entire contact information along with the status of their invoices, payments, and estimates without leaving their CRM.

Users will also be able to track financial details of all their associated contacts, companies and deals with a lesser number of clicks. With every crucial financial and deal-related information in front of them, users will find it easy to take suitable actions as per the status of their payments(paid, partial, overdue).

These updates intend to provide those important data to the users so that they never lose focus of their primary goal; sales.

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