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The Key Aspects to Consider for CRM when Making the Buy Vs. Build Decision

To run a business is not an easy task especially if you don’t know who your customers and potential customers are. To decide the fate of the business, much part is in the hands of customers.

To decide the fate of the business, much part is in the hands of customers. Thus, it becomes important to sway customers with the most effective communication and response system that could easily identify the needs and demands of the customer.


Technology has moved so ahead of time that now using the data analysis technology, one can develop a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager System). This system is not just a manager it identifies potential demands and queries of customers and keeps a log for it and helps develop answers and services required by the customer.

Big technology giants like Microsoft offer pre-developed CRM (Microsoft Dynamic 365) that fits almost any kind of business and is easy to use with a prescribed license. Whereas a few companies (like SalesForce) have developed their own customized CRM and also is a CRM development Company just like Microsoft, i.e.

it offers CRM Development Services to the customer as well.

Now if you are a start-up or a new company the question for you is whether you should go for the development of your own customized CRM system or own a pre-developed CRM system. Here is a list of a few points that you should remember while going for a decision of Buy vs. Build in case of a CRM System:

1) The complexity of the business

If you have a big business with experienced application developers and data analysts available one can go for the idea of building their own customized CRM System. According to the needs of company customers the CRM can be designed to serve the purpose in a better and efficient manner.

If you have a start-up and you are not sure about the complexity, scalability of your business. Also, if you have developers that are way too basic to the development process, go for the buy option. One can easily buy the CRM System from Microsoft Application Development Services and then make small amendments to customize it according to the requirements. Dynamic 365 offers services to almost all kinds of businesses and has proved to be very useful in small or big business firms.

2) Time Period

The development period plays a very important role in the case of application development. And in the case of CRM development services, it becomes even more crucial. If you are opting for the development or build part of CRM, make sure that your organization has developers that could create an effective application system in the stipulated time for the company.

If you analyze that the developers won’t be able to do the work in time then definitely, you can go for the readymade buy option that will give you chances to customize it according to your need and will save your time that could have been wasted on the development.

3) Risk Factors

Developing own application includes risk of completion, budget management, performance, etc. Whereas the company can buy the entire expertise of that information system.

In the case of the development process, the beneficial factor is that the developers know the entire code and thus can easily identify bugs. Whereas if you go for the buy option, customizing the application at a larger level can deteriorate the performance and can also create legal problems if done without the support of the original CRM development Company.

4) Property Rights

When a CRM is developed in-house the intellectual-property rights remain with the company itself whereas if changes are made to the brought services, the changes might get owned by the original developer and it can happen that no claiming rights remain with you.

In the case of In-house development, it can easily be claimed if any new innovation or invention is done during the development or one can even become the vendor itself. But in the case of the buy decision, you can only customize the brought-out application that too with the permission of the vendor and you reserve no rights to sell away the customized application.

5) Are You a Core Company?

Being a core and non-core also is a major factor in determining whether you should go for the buy option or the build option. The dynamic 365 product of Microsoft Application Development offers CRM Development Services and System to the major core business models. In case your business model and product development fit with its Offers and services you can go for the buy option easily.

But if you have an idea that is totally out of the league, making greater customization over the pre-built application may not prove feasible. Instead, it would be better if you go for building your own CRM system according to the needs and demands of your business.


Building one’s own application can require a large amount of managerial support and a lot of effort, especially when it comes to the development of a complex application like the CRM System. It is very important for a company that decides to build the application to support and make great efforts towards the process to make it a successful one.

Buying might seem easy but in the long-term, if you decide to make changes in your business model it might not prove effective as making changes in the code that is particularly not owned by the company and developed by the developers of the organization is both a difficult task. With this information, you would be now capable to make a decision of Buy vs. Build in case of a CRM. If you don’t find buying it as a good option, then you can easily hire a good and professional company and get appropriateCRM Development Services.

The History of the organization also becomes a factor in deciding whether to build the application or buy it. The giants that have developed all of their applications, for them the decision is always build while others who have a history of external help can go for the buy decision as well.

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