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Maximizer CRM enables growing plumbing and heating business Safegas to manage its customer records more efficiently

Customer Relationship Management specialist Maximizer Software has announced a new case study that outlines how Safegas, a business which delivers plumbing and heating services to commercial and residential properties in Northern Ireland, has used its CRM platform to cut out inefficiencies and deliver a better service to its customers.

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BRACKNELL, UK  – Customer Relationship Management specialist Maximizer Software has announced a new case study that outlines how Safegas, a business which delivers plumbing and heating services to commercial and residential properties in Northern Ireland, has used its CRM platform to cut out inefficiencies and deliver a better service to its customers.

The case study explains why Safegas, having considered a number of CRM providers, in 2012 chose Maximizer CRM 12 Group Edition and how, working with Maximizer partner ProAptivity to implement the solution, it used it tostreamline administrative processes and improve access to customer information. Previously, Safegas had been reliant on Excel spreadsheets to store and manage its customer data. This became increasingly ineffective as the business grew, and the requirement to enter information manually  often involved employees inputting the same data repeatedly across a number of systems. “Nothing was automated – it wasn’t efficient,” explains Victoria Scott, owner of Safegas.

Safegas started by using Maximizer’s Address Book and Customer Service functions and soon found them to be instrumental in eliminating the unnecessary duplication of work. The software means that vital information – an address, for example – only needs to be entered into the system once, and is then easily accessible to employees who need to know the status of a particular customer. Scott notes that one of the key benefits that Maximizer brought to the business was the ability to search job history: “If we go to a property and carry out a job, and then a couple of months later the boiler doesn't work, we can search the background and all the details are right there.”

Being able to access up-to-date client histories in one place has ensured that employees always have the necessary information to hand. Maximizer has enabled Safegas to:

  • improve customer satisfaction by allowing staff to call up complete information about an individual account while fielding a phone enquiry;

  • manage its relationships more efficiently by automating processes including billing and annual service reports;

  • use the system to identify clients’ service needs and proactively notify them about renewals.

Maximizer CRM has helped Safegas meet its long-term organisational needs, enabling the company to cope with expansion by improving the processes central to sales and customer service. Looking further ahead, Scott also appreciates the CRM platform’s potential to support impending growth: “We chose Maximizer because it not only fulfilled our current needs but is scalable, and we can push it out to engineers via mobile if we want to in the future.”

To download the full case study, go to or call Maximizer Software EMEA on +44 (0)845 555 99 60.

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