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How can a cloud CRM help in real-time selling?

Nowadays everyone is on the run and sales professionals cannot stay behind. In the sales process, every minute counts, it is necessary to stay-up-to-date on information for acting instantly. Speed and knowledge is a must to succeed in the competitive sales scenario. A delay can cause a loss of a deal. Customers can’t wait, they are seeking quick solutions. If you do not respond on time, they will turn towards your competitors.


The pace of sales is fast, your sales professionals need to react in real-time, and a cloud CRM is an ultimate solution that can help them in doing that:

Real-Time Response - Don’t make them wait

With the growth of the on-demand economy, customers are getting used to things happening instantly with a click of a button. Businesses do not have time to wait for your follow up calls or emails, they expect a response right away to their inquiry.

The first five minutes after their attempt to contact you is critical; it can make or break a deal.

As per a research, there is 10x decrease in the chances of qualification if you are unable to contact the prospect within 5 minutes.

With high sales pressure, there are chances you might fail to check your inbox but fright not, the cloud CRM reminds you to contact on-time.

With a Cloud CRM-

  • You will receive timely notifications to respond instantaneously and put your best foot forward.
  • You can set reminders to follow up on-time.
  • It also allows you to schedule emails for clients in a different time zone to connect in real-time without missing an opportunity.

Essential data at you reach- Instant data insights

Data is important for sales success; be it any data like prospect’s information, past interaction with the client, a number of deals closed, sales statistics of teammates, records of outbound activities or size of the pipeline. Real-time collection and management of these diverse data is essential for a healthy sales culture which can seamlessly be maintained through a Cloud CRM.

A cloud CRM, doesn’t only aid in amassing and streamlining data but it also helps in creating reports for scrutinizing this data to identify future growth opportunities. With CRM’s tracking, integration and reporting features, the data you need is instantly within your reach; you do not need to struggle to find vital information.

With a CRM you can-

  • Easily fetch important data in seconds
  • Develop graphical representations of your sales activities
  • Track real-time progress with predictive visual data analytics.

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With timely insights into crucial data, sales professionals get greater control over their sales activities that help them in achieving their sales target in less time. A CRM can also help them in managing their email outreach; they can easily get the data of emails clicked and read, to monitor and plan the outreach strategy.

Automatically update database- Data upgradation in minutes

You cannot waste your time in managing and updating data on different platforms. With a CRM, this task can be automated to update your data records instantly.

Example- You are constantly receiving information from a particular source, instead of updating the records on different platforms you can set workflows, and the information will automatically be updated in different documents.

It makes you work easier and faster. Timely upgradation of data will give you access to up to date information, without having to put any extra efforts.

Instant access to customer’s information – Embrace mobility

Mobiles aren’t any longer limited to just calls and texts; now you can effortlessly sell your phones with mobile CRM.

For example, you are on your way to a meeting, and a potential prospect calls you. Instead of asking them to call later you can on the spot address their query with real-time access to vital information on your phone or tablet.

Now, you do not need to cease your communication with a customer while on the road; with a mobile CRM you can work remotely from anywhere without any limitations.

It is especially beneficial for sales professionals out in the field; they can immediately log the interaction in their mobile CRM instead of waiting to return to their office desk and update the records. It saves time and augments productivity.

Sales reps can connect to their prospects at any hour of the day regardless of their location with relevant information in their smartphones.

As per a research, 65% of sales reps who adopted a mobile CRM could achieve their sales quotas compared to 22% of sales professionals who did not have access to this kind of technology.

Data analytics for better sales decisions- Real-time reporting

The faster you have access to up-to-the-minute information, the easier you can surpass your competition. A CRM allows you to quickly create insightful reports using charts, graphs, tables and diagram to spot a trend, analyze performance, track deal progress, identify weak areas and forecast sales for coming months.

Timely detailed analytics helps you in taking a better decision that can be beneficial for your sales. Moreover, it is in the cloud so you can get the required data analytics from anywhere at any time.

Summing up

Time is a crucial factor in sales; tomorrow may be too late, you need to make decisions and react at the moment. If you do not offer a quick solution to your customers, your competitors will, so you need to be ever ready for sales.

CRM like Salesmate is designed to provide an immediate and comprehensive view of the sales process. Avoid interruptions in sales and work seamlessly with this high-end sales management solution.

All the information you need is at your fingertip which helps you to perform better and connect with your customers in real-time.

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