How much does it cost to design and develop a Clone App like Localbitcoins?

Currently, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a great hit among people. Many business ethusiasts are driving crazy on cryptocurrency exchange business and wants to start their own exchange platform like popular exchange/ trading platform like Binance, LocalBitcoins, coinbase, poloniex, paxful, remitano etc,.

Build Cryptocurrency Exchange Software within 7 days!!

Being a Top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company, Coinjoker provide both white label solutions as well the crypto exchange development from scratch.Our well experienced and blockchain experts provide you with highly-secure and best-in-class cryptocurrency exchange software within 7 days. We offer customized crypto development solutions to help you accomplish your business goals and drive measurable business benefits.

Readymade Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script For Binance!!

Coinjoker offers readymade binance clone script for those who are having an idea to start own bitcoin exchange platform like binance with those inbuilt secure and trading features and we also include the additional features for your trading and exchange in exchange website.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Regulation in 2019 trends, developments, and what lies ahead

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects have been struggling hard over the recent years to achieve their ultimate business objectives due to various issues like scams, lack of transparency and lack of awareness about crypto market values. This gives rise to the birth of innovative trends in crypto regulations in the year 2019, which are listed as follows:

Use Cases of Blockchain Technology: 2020

Blockchain technology has completely disrupted the things around us. So what are the popular use cases of Blockchain technology? Why it has gained much importance? With the hype and popularity, most of the B2B Businesses such as Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Pharma, Cross Border Payments, etc are leveraging them.

Without exchange liquidity bitcoin trading is impossible

The most important factor in every cryptocurrency exchange is the Market Makers ; Liquidity. In particular, Liquidity has been the most demanding factor in Bitcoin Trading Platforms. Here is a guide which explains the process through which Liquidity is enhanced by Market Makers!

Ready to Launch P2P Bitcoin Exchange like LocalBitcoins?

Coinjoker offers end to end customized solutions to launch popular crypto exchange platforms like localbitcoins and more.... The Readymade Clone scripts with customized theme, template helps to instantly build the cryptocurrency exchange website.

Create your own Bitcoin Trading website like Bithumb!!

Bithumb is a popular decentralized and first cryptocurrency exchange of Korea, headquartered in South Korea. Its 24-hour trading volume makes it get featured in lists of the world’s 10 largest crypto exchanges. Kim, Dae Shik is the CEO of Bithumb. While Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency for trading, the platform includes trading of other cryptos. Thus Bithumb trading is achieved to be one of the highest volumes by any cryptocurrency exchange in Korea.

Develop your own Ethereum based ERC Tokens!

Coinjoker offers high-end secure and complete customizable and unique business solutions to create your own ethereum token creation. And also we provide 24/7 support, and instant bug identification and resolving your problems instantly.

Asia's First Bitcoin Trusts Launched by IDEG

IDEG Investment Ltd, a professional digital asset management company, announced on Nov 27 in Hong Kong the launch of Asia Bitcoin Trust I and Atlas Mining Trust I, two trusts designed as a traditional and comfortable way for 'old money' to invest in digital assets.

How does a Blockchain work?

blockchain is a list of transaction records commonly known as blocks by using cryptography. Every block in blockchain stores data and hence, also known as “distributed ledger.” The blocks are organized in chronological orders making a chain that is linked together

How will you choose which Ethereum Wallet to go for

Ethereum wallets might be a new term for those who are only aware of bitcoins as a form of cryptocurrency. The development of blockchain applications is mainly helpful for various financial purposes.

Future of cryptocurrecy trends in the upcoming market

Believe it or not, cryptocurrencies have now grown to a point where they cannot be overlooked. In the next 10 minutes, we are going to focus on the elementary picture of Cryptocurrency world and conclude what the fresh rising opportunities are in the year 2019 and beyond and if cryptocurrency is a trend with a bright future or will just pass by the wind like others.

5 Obstacles Enterprises face during the adoption of Blockchain

Blockchain is undoubtedly helping every business in getting into the space of decentralization. And being the leaders in the industry, we are helping brand and businesses in successfully deploying the decentralized and flawless infrastructure support. OnGraph serves as a technology partner in the field of Blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrency.

Impact of Blockchain technology on manufacturing sector


In Todays World There are so many sectors that have undergone a drastic change such as supply chain, healthcare, retails, education, manufacturing, etc. However, there are industries that have directly linked cryptocurrencies with Blockchain.