Future of cryptocurrecy trends in the upcoming market

Believe it or not, cryptocurrencies have now grown to a point where they cannot be overlooked. In the next 10 minutes, we are going to focus on the elementary picture of Cryptocurrency world and conclude what the fresh rising opportunities are in the year 2019 and beyond and if cryptocurrency is a trend with a bright future or will just pass by the wind like others.

5 Obstacles Enterprises face during the adoption of Blockchain

Blockchain is undoubtedly helping every business in getting into the space of decentralization. And being the leaders in the industry, we are helping brand and businesses in successfully deploying the decentralized and flawless infrastructure support. OnGraph serves as a technology partner in the field of Blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrency.

Impact of Blockchain technology on manufacturing sector


In Todays World There are so many sectors that have undergone a drastic change such as supply chain, healthcare, retails, education, manufacturing, etc. However, there are industries that have directly linked cryptocurrencies with Blockchain.

Things to consider before hiring React Native Developers

React Native App Development is one of the best ways to develop mobile apps in very less time. Our professionals with technical expertise help you brings app to the market sooner on various platforms, maintain them with meaningful, less cost by developing them in React Native Framework.

Components & Features of Blockchain Technology


The blockchain is an emerging technology that came into the market in the first decade of the 21st century. Nowadays it is a hot topic for discussion but most of don’t know why it is considered as a breakthrough in computer science. In this article, we will be discussing features and components of blockchain which makes it a prominent candidate who deserve this hype.

Enjoy the innovative Blockchain DApps on Infinito Wallet

Our long-awaited browser for DApps, App Square, is officially available on the Infinito Wallet, version 2.4. With the release of this DApp “store”, Infinito Wallet is not just a universal home to leading coins and tokens on the market, but a universal palace for the unlimited innovation of blockchain apps and services.

How Can Blockchain Impact Mobile App Development Industry?

By now, you must have heard the term Blockchain. Yes, this technology is getting popularity throughout the world. From banking and healthcare to education and mobile app development every industry can be transformed with the help of this distributed technology. In the following write-up, I am going to discuss the impact of Blockchain on app development organizations. But, before that, let’s have a quick overview on Blockchain.

How likely is a 51% attack on Bitcoin?


There has been a wave of attacks on cryptocurrencies, with hackers making away with millions of dollars. Verge Coin was recently under siege and now Bitcoin Gold, a fork of Bitcoin is the latest victim to come under a 51% attack. Can this woe befall Bitcoin?

Price crash and government bans: don't think the bitcoin frenzy over?

Price crash and government bans: don't think the bitcoin frenzy over?

Bitcoin, for the last couple of months, has been the cause of many nerve-racking moments, the catalyst between a myriad of split-second emotional eigenstates, and the inspiration behind tens of thousands of comprehensive internet researches. Things have slowed considerably in the last fortnight. Is the frenzy over?

A brief summary of all Bitcoin hard forks since August 2017

There has been a rise in the number of Bitcoin hard forks since August as many, fueled by crypto passion, making developers scramble to create their own crypto coin. Here's a brief insight into hard forks and a summary of Bitcoin hard forks since August 2017.