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Infographic: 58 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

Find out more about the incredible ten-year history of Bitcoin through 58 Insane facts about the technology that is set to disrupt the world's finances.

At Bitcoins heart is the worlds most secure form of value storage, an unhackable ledger, invented by a coding genius after seeing the devastation of private wealth following the 2008/9 global financial crisis. Encrypted and private it is fair to say that holding a Bitcoin wallet is the same as having a Swiss bank in your hand.

Bitcoin is not controlled by a single entity or government? Bitcoin is controlled by a decentralized network of developers and miners.  

There are only ever going 21M available, Satoshi (the inventor) and other big holders including the FBI are said to have more than 2M as well as the tens of thousands lost through careless practice. This could leave as few as 17M, therefore they are in-fact, very rare, unlike gold which gets dug out of the ground every day and more so on days when the price of gold goes up. 

As the Bitcoin price continues to rise it is increasingly attracting the attention of institutional investors. Bitcoin is moving from a fringe movement to a recognised store of value and the price is set to sky rocket yet again, as the mainstream struggle to get their hands on digital gold.


58 insane facts about bitcoin



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