Hope for kids down the crypto mine


In what seems to be a never-ending stream of good news, bullish signs, and community validation of the crypto universe. UNICEF Australia has launched a new initiative, the HopePage. Visiting the page with a web browser donates some of your CPU processing power to crypto mining raising life-saving funds to support UNICEF's work for children.

Crypto mining for charity has got to be one of the most bizarre and perhaps promising things yet to spring from the insane world of Bitcoin. Crypto mining for charity has got to be one of the most bizarre and perhaps positive things yet to spring from the insane world of Bitcoin. 

When I opened the release, I just about fell off my chair. The UN Crypto mining? (UNICEF Australia is part of the UN) There are just so many strange contradictions in this, the more you think about it, the more strange it gets.   

I thought Bitcoin was only for drug dealers and ransomware payments. Then there's the titanic philosophical gulf between the nutty libertarian views of many in Bitcoin's orbit and the defacto world government origins of the United Nations. At the more crass end of the contradiction spectrum, there's the claim by the former Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, that babies are "literally" dying ostensibly because Bitcoin developers won't listen to him. Now babies are being saved by crypto.

Whoever thought of charity mining is either an absolute genius or completely mad. Maybe it was Jennifer Tierney, UNICEF Australia’s Director of Fundraising and Communications, she said, “We wanted to leverage new emerging technologies to raise awareness about current humanitarian crises and raise funds to support children caught up in them. The HopePage allows Australians to provide help and hope to vulnerable children by simply opening the page while they are online.”

There are many instances where site operators have used crypto mining as a way of monetizing their traffic. Porn sites mostly do this, so I'm told, but it is also a practice that has been employed by purveyors of higher quality content such as www.salon.com/. The site gives the user an option to enjoy their content without ads in exchange for the use of some of their CPU to mine crypto, sounds fair?

So how can I start donating? That's the best bit; it's too easy. Visit the site www.thehopepage.org click the START DONATING button, and you're off and running.  At the time of writing the number of users, or CPU's being utilized has grown from 1,200 to more the 1,500, so it seems to be working. 

However, I am a little suspicious that this is more of an "awareness raising exercise" than a marvelous cash cow for charities looking for an edge in the coming cashless world, where ratling a tin will be about as rewarding as buying Bitcoin in early January 2018.

Also, note, a CPU that is working harder is using more energy, which you or your employer and the environment are paying for, would it be more efficient for you to give money directly to UNICEF Australia rather than via the power retailers?

Right now, The HopePage is directly supporting UNICEF’s response to the Rohingya crisis, one of the fastest growing humanitarian crises in the world. Currently UNICEF Australia’s biggest appeal, all funds raised through The HopePage will help provide supplies to Rohingya children who fled their homes in Myanmar and are now living in one of the world’s largest refugee camps in Bangladesh. 

It would be very interesting to find out how much is being raised. And even more interesting if this becomes the modus operandi for other charities. I suspect it won't take long before sites with decent traffic will be out doing each other in a virtue signaling frenzy to add a donate your CPU link. 

It is all very positive for crypto, further raising the use case, image, and legitimacy of Bitcoin and the rogue's gallery of the altcoins, and helping people at the same time. 

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