Can blockchain leave a lasting impact on fashion industry???

Speaking from the point of view of the blockchain, this technology has sprouted up in the limelight holding the hands of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

But, this technology has far-reaching possibilities if applied to the right field at the right time. Mobile application development companies can have a chance to benefit from blockchain itself.

Here, we are picking up the Fashion Industry as a reference to understand how far-reaching the impact is likely to be when applied carefully to the Fashion World.

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Ten years back, the technology had spun the digital currency, bitcoin and the initial years had witnessed publicity inflowing from multi corners.

Companies, startups, and mobile application developers recognized the merits that went beyond the single digital currency. Coming down to the industry of fashion, the opportunities for any technology is immense if correctively implemented.

Apparels and fashion is one sector that has expanded rapidly in the recent times, quite similar to application development sector. 

The pioneers of this industry have experienced an upsurge of technologies implemented at different junctures but what has failed to really penetrate the sector is blockchain. Considering the immense rewards and perks lying in store for those who acquired blockchain as a part of their strategy has failed to attract the attention of the pioneers from the fashion world.

This is definitely a surprise to thinkers around the world. Nevertheless, the time is not really up for either.

Before encroaching upon the fashion industry, it is important to understand how blockchain revolutionize the creators of style and trend? 

The secured algorithm on which the basic foundation of blockchain rests is really the factor that contributed directly towards its popularity. Security and safe environment to carry out monetary transactions is and will always be the sole requirement for any player especially if the sector is as vulnerable and risky as that of the cryptocurrencies.

However, it necessarily does not mean that only tracking of financial transactions is what blockchain is capable of. Rather it offers a secured platform to share information securely.  

The primary function in the fashion where blockchain can be successfully implemented is:

Supply Chain

Top application developers can offer a better alternative to regulate the entire supply chain of the fashion and apparel company through applications. The right information to be delivered at the right time to the right person is what expected out of the supply chain where security rules large since such information are crucial to the survival and sustenance of any company in concern.

Android application development service or iOS one can prove to be not so secured medium for exchanging game-changing information. Why?? Well! The applications have been under the radar for a while with complaints pertaining to data breach and privy concern trending the news headlines.

Blockchain technology can be the alternate option to help the fashion industry with:

  • Tracking sustainability and compliance of raw materials.
  • Verifying the authenticity of the garments produced.
  • Counterfeit goods shipped out for verification.
  • Avail consumers with information on the origin of the materials and other items in concern.
  • Commercially sensitive information is concealed securely.
  • A secured platform for consumers interacting with the brand right on the smartphones.

Wrapping up

Companies like Provenance and alpaca apparel creator Martine Jarlgaard has already developed a well-connected and workable supply chain designed on blockchain technology. The decentralized and distributed network for adding, omitting or exchanging information, the threat to security is diminished.

The open network is open to all and any unauthorized alterations are easily visible. In fact blockchain does not permit any change in the already fed information.

The very nature of blockchain makes it the most invaluable technology for the fashion industry. Every fashion item is unique and uniqueness it is that blockchain promises to bring to the sectors where it is implemented.

Top-rated mobile application development companies can consider thinking along the same line since applications are not widely implemented in this particular sector. And here I am not referring to the mCommerce applications like Myntra and Ajio.

Hire dedicated mobile app developers if you are thinking along the similar line but do not forget to combine fashion and blockchain together. The outcome will be more than promising.

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