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How Blockchain helps in Passport Verification


This blog runs down the benefit of blockchain in passport and visa verifications. Blockchain can be called as the future of visa verification or passport

Passport or Visas are one among the identification documents that are viewed as sound and astonishing. They are considered as the most credible and high-quality travel and recognizable proof report across the globe.

Any individual who has experienced the way towards applying for the international ID – passports or visas, realizes how uncompromising the whole scenario is. The procedures run down to a strict application process that requires a scope of supporting documentation, for example, a birth testament and confirmation of citizenship. 

It is no big surprise that lawbreakers charge a high cost for passport frauds. Today counterfeit visas are been connected to secret shady activities like smuggling, drugs, frauds, and scope of other criminal exercises.

It is a matter of great concern. As it is very difficult to identify the fake from real.

The increasing rate of phony or the fake passports, keep on troubling the government in one or other way.  

During the mid of 2018, U.S. authorities revealed an extortion plot that enabled outsiders to enter the United States under false characters. It was found that around 700 individuals deceitfully obtained Hungarian passports and assumed themselves like real identification holders. 

It is witnessed that, the government and the verification bodies of various nations have tremendously failed in identifying the real passports and verifying them in short time. Under the normal set up, it remains quite challenging to distinguish the counterfeit passports from the real ones. 

However, with the introduction of blockchain technology, the fear of immutable records is ruled out. Document verification under blockchain has proved itself with a lot of significations like immutable records, supreme security, cheaper transactions, action traceability, proof of ownership, proof of integrity and more. 

In nutshell, the document verification process that uses blockchain innovation and smart contracts will simply enable the government and other designated authorities to confirm that the identification you are taking is valid and credible. Read full blog on How Blockchain helps in Passport Verification Make an Inquiry about this news

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