Price crash and government bans: don't think the bitcoin frenzy over?

Price crash and government bans: don't think the bitcoin frenzy over?

Bitcoin, for the last couple of months, has been the cause of many nerve-racking moments, the catalyst between a myriad of split-second emotional eigenstates, and the inspiration behind tens of thousands of comprehensive internet researches. Things have slowed considerably in the last fortnight. Is the frenzy over?

A brief summary of all Bitcoin hard forks since August 2017

There has been a rise in the number of Bitcoin hard forks since August as many, fueled by crypto passion, making developers scramble to create their own crypto coin. Here's a brief insight into hard forks and a summary of Bitcoin hard forks since August 2017.

The day Bitcoin hit 10,000 US dollars

Remember when Bitcoin was worth "just" $1,000 at the beginning of the year? What a lovely time it was? Late November it hit $10,000. If only one could lay hands on a time machine now.

What the future holds for CME's Bitcoin Futures


It won’t be long before Bitcoin joins the likes of gold, oil, palm oil and other derivatives; if plans by CME Group to make Bitcoin Futures available by the end of 2017 are realized.

Is there a bitcoin bubble on the horizon?


uite astonishingly, Bitcoin surged to an all-time high of ~$7,600 USD just a few days ago. Are we going to see the bubble burst at $8,000? Or it is just the naysayers saying?

Bitcoin’s volatility is for all to see


Are you an investor of Bitcoin? Then last week would have been a harrowing experience for all, with the price shooting up to $5,000 and came crashing down to $4,000 before calming down at $4,500.

Bitcoin: understanding replay attacks and hard forks

With the way things are going in the Bitcoin community, we could have 4 different types of Bitcoin by November and Bitcoin holders could be exposed to replay attacks. What are replay attacks and how can they be prevented?

Uncertain future as Bitcoin - Bitcoin cash feud intensifies

Uncertain future as Bitcoin Bitcoin cash feud intensifies

It's happening. The anticipated war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash has begun, and it's intensifying. And this is different from the war in the Bitcoin community over making Bitcoin scale via Segwit2x, and threats of new hard forks down the road.

4 good reasons bitcoin cash is on the rise

The rise and fall of bitcoin cash

When bitcoin forked on August 1st to birth bitcoin cash, no one had an idea it would be what it is today. Sure, some analysts and people familiar with the crypto market were bullish about its future and said it could rival bitcoin itself but the prevalent feeling among investors who got bitcoin cash tokens was that the new kid is worthless.

Possible headaches segwit could cause for bitcoin investors

Bit Coin Headache

The world's most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hit $3,600 today, the highest it has ever been since it was first mined in 2009. This doesn't seem to surprise many as bitcoin has been on the rise in the past few weeks. The coin is expected to continue rising in the future, fulfilling the $5,000-before-December prophecies that are thrown around.

Bitcoin: is it too late to invest?


Bitcoin is a kind of digital currency which is heavily protected by encryption technology. The technology is used to regulate the generation of units of bitcoin and also to verify the transfer of funds on its network.

How wallets will manage the upcoming bitcoin Cash hard fork?


Am I ready for Bitcoin Cash? How much will I make on Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash tokens are finally here and many crypto investors are expected to have a piece of the cake but not all will. This is because cryptocurrency wallets will be treating the hard fork in a different manner.