HEX token a bonus for all bitcoin holders

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HEX is a new ERC20 based token that is being “airdropped” to all bitcoin holders. All you need is for your bitcoin to be in your own wallet with your own private keys at the time of the snapshot.  

The Potential of Core Blockchain Project SCRY.INFO

With the growing focus on blockchain and increasing numbers of projects, there will be the analysis and comparison of popular projects - EOS vs ETH, Justin Sun vs Vitalik Buterin, etc - the discussions are never-ending. Competition in the market is indicative of the steady development in the blockchain industry, yet only high-quality projects can ensure successful development.

Survey: 66% of respondents want to receive wages in cryptocurrencies


Crypto enthusiasts are disappointed by lack of employers willing to pay in bitcoin. The majority of employees would be willing to receive part or all of their wages in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, according to ChronoBank’s Cryptocurrency Compensation Survey. However, businesses typically lag in their attitudes – despite the fact that the poll highlights the advantages such a move would offer both employers and their workers.

Bitcoin: 3 reasons the crypto markets are in a dive- Tom Lee


The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, having wobbled for the past months, have finally fallen to a precarious state, sending several investors into emotional turmoil. Bitcoin hovers around an alarming $6500 (a 13% fall from last week) while each altcoin is nursing different levels of depreciation. And although opinions are diverse about the current state of the market, the question still abounds. Why are the markets depressed?

Coinbase raises eyebrows with acquisition of Cipher and Earn.com

Coinbase raises eyebrows with acquisition of Cipher and Earn.com

Coinbase's rapid acquisition of two major startups in the space of a few days has caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts in a spectacular manner. It's got eyebrows raised and tongues are wagging over what the exchange hopes to achieve with this expansion.

Trouble for Bitcoin Cash as Lightning Network Charges Faster


No. This is not an April Fool prank. Neither is it some sort of joke. At the moment, serious doom looms ahead for Bitcoin Cash. This is because the Lightning Network, a second layer solution proposed to solve Bitcoin scaling problem, is showing enough promise to make BCH obsolete in no time.

UK set to crack down on Bitcoin


Just like their Asian counterparts were, UK exchanges are in for a torrid time. This is because the English government is set to start cracking down on exchanges. Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, hinted this on Friday in a scathing censure of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

4 good reasons a huge Bitcoin comeback could be on the horizon


Going by history, Bitcoin is a strong cryptocurrency that has withstood countless tests in its short existence. The virtual coin went as high as $20,000 in December, fell more than 70% to $6,000 early in February and is now trading above $11,000. Many investors are now wondering, with a flutter of hope in their hearts, that the Bitcoin bull markets are back again.