Bitcoin now at $4,600 and climbing


Bitcoin price reached an all-new high by closing at above $4,600 for the first time ever.

North Korea Missile’s Launch Over Japan

It seems that the worldwide market took a slight hit over the tension in Asia over the news that North Korea had fired a missile over Japan. Fears had caused the stock market to close lower almost everywhere as a result of this.

Not Bitcoin Though

When everyone exited their positions, or sell off their shares; they will sure to look for an alternative – and that’s where Bitcoin steps in. We can see that this causes some investors to Bitcoin for some comfort.

From $2,500 to $4,600 In Just One Month

We can see the tremendous growth and recovery of Bitcoin after some uncertainties two or three months ago. There goes the panic selling, the speculation, and whether it will survive from a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash.

Apparently, Bitcoin had survived all that. And thanks to SegWit, Bitcoin has emerged even better than ever – now that it can process more transactions in a single blockchain.

From $1,000 to $4,600 In 2017


Where else can you find an investment that nets you so much growth in 2017, other than Bitcoin itself? That alone is a testament that Bitcoin is a fast-rising star, where investment is concerned. With government becoming more receptive and more businesses accepting Bitcoin as payment, surely it has a lot more growth potential in it.

Is It Too Late To Jump In Bitcoin Now?

Like any other investments or exchanges, there are bound to be ups and downs; that’s for sure. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

But if you are in for the long term, then most experts feel you can’t go wrong with Bitcoin.

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