Bestcoins - the most reliable ICO platform is up and running


Incorporated in December 2017, Bestcoins proffers a comprehensive list of active, upcoming and past ICOs for different industry sectors.

The year 2018 started with great opportunities and a new venture. OpenXcell proudly announces the launch of Bestcoins, the most reliable and trustworthy Initial Coin Offering research platform that aims at helping investors in finding the most profitable ICO for their business.

It is equally supporting ICO firms by listing them in different categories and providing a good exposure in a short tenure.

The emergence of cryptocurrency and the need for digital currency investment in distinctive crucial projects have heralded us to commence this new venture.

Bestcoins is a research platform that thoroughly analyzes and represents the list of ICOs curated in an easily cognizable format. Besides, this platform comprises a separate discussion section integrated with each listed ICO wherein investors can post their queries which is addressed by the Bestcoins experts.

This is the best practice to help the community of ICO firms as well as potential investors to grow together.

Bestcoins consists of 27 vivid categories allowing investors to easily find the ICO they are interested to invest in. These categories include Finance, Trading and Investment, Communication, Social Network, Data Storage, Commodities, Commerce and Advertising, Gaming & VR, Energy & Utilities, Drugs and Healthcare, Payment, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Identity & Reputation, Data Mining, Machine Learning & AI and a few to list.

Every ICO listed in this platform has its own norms. The ICOs last for a day or a week.

It depends. The best way to learn about the norms and other ICO details is whitepaper. Whitepaper covers all the relevant information an investor needs to know.

It’s not necessary to download it, you can simply view by clicking on it.

Being the one-stop destination for ICO firms and investors, BestCoins helps listed ICOs by providing different types of badges. It includes Ask a Question, Connect us on, Join the discussion, Recommend us, Upvote us on and Upvote us.

The listed firms can embed any of these badges on their websites by copy and paste the given script. For instance; Recommend Us badge allows investors to recommend the ICO firms to other investors for investment.

So yes, if this badge is embedded in any of the firm’s website, chances of getting more investors doubles.  Likewise, different badges have different roles to play.

Hence, we can conclude that  Bestcoins is introduced as an ICO research platform benefitting both the investors and the firms in better ways.


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