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BTC News Review: Square unveils Lightning Bitcoin Gold got hacked. Again

BticoinThis piece is a roundup of the top recent events that happened in the cryptoverse which you should be aware of. It’s a way to keep abreast of the industry in the smallest possible time. Time is money.

How much was Bitcoin? 

Nothing special here. Bitcoin traded horizontally this week, with the average around $8,500. There was a high of $8,780 and a low of $8,270. 

Ethereum, on the other hand, howevered between $160 and $170. 

Are the bulls tired?

Bitcoin Gold got hacked. Again

BTG suffered a 51% attackthis week. This will be the second time a rogue player will take over the network and manipulate the blockchain. This time over $70,000 worth of BTG was double spent. 

Consequences of having a PoW consensus mechanism and a small hashing power? Who is to blame here? ASICs?

DigixDAO is liquidating its $64m treasury

Following requests from its community, 3 year-old ICO, DigixDAO is liquidating its treasury and returning money to its investors.

DigixDAO itself does not plan on closing up shop. Read moreabout it here. 

Binance launches P2P trading program

Binance just wants to be everywhere doing everything, innit?

The world's largest crypto exchange this week launched a p2p merchant trading platform. This will be the first time Binance will openly enrolls merchants for its P2P trading platform since its launch in October 2019. Previously, merchants joined via a strict invitation and referral program. 

TRON overtakes EOS

TRON is now the 2nd biggest dApp ecosystem, after Ethereum, it seems.

According to the 2019 Annual Dapp Market Report, TRON (TRX) housed a massive 411new dApps by the end of 2019, with the nine top projects on the network, recording a $3.26 billion worth of transactions.

EOS recorded some losses last year when active dapps like EOSbet, Karma, and Prospectors migrated to Wax Blockchain.

Square Crypto unveils Lightning

Square Crypto, Square Cash's digital currency division ( hi Jack Dorsey), this week announcedthat it will work on a Lightning Development Kit to help Bitcoin wallet developers integrate the micropayments network with their existing products. Its the department's first product. 

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