Bitcoin set to be regulated in Australia


Australia is set to regulate Bitcoin all thanks to news that the Australian parliament will vote on a new bill to further strengthened the country’s anti-money laundering laws.

Bitcoin hits new all-time high as lightning prepares to strike


Nothing seems capable of stopping Bitcoin's rise and shine. The world's most valuable crypto-coin has appreciated more than 700% since the turn of the year. On Sunday it hit a new all-time high, rising above $8,000 at exchanges worldwide. This is after falling to $5,500 the previous Sunday.

Bitcoin Gold: official launch date and how to mine it


Bitcoin Gold, a "friendly" Bitcoin hard fork aimed at making Bitcoin "decentralized again" was birthed on the 25th of October 2017. However, the network was private and was unavailable to users and miners. But recent developments have revealed it will soon go live and the coins will be made available too.

Bitcoin Gold: full replay protection implemented, scam wallets exposed

One week after the last Bitcoin hard fork, the Bitcoin Gold developer team has added replay protection to its network, indicating that they are serious about the project. Apart from this, they have called out scam websites and wallets trying to impersonate BTG to dupe investors.

How the sweet aroma of fresh cash propelled Bitcoin to $6,800

how aroma of fresh money propelled bitcoin to 6 600

Bitcoin has a lot going for it at the moment. On Wednesday the coin hit a new record high of $6,600 hours after CME group announced that it would open a futures market for the cryptocurrency. And now it just keeps on climbing!

How Bitcoin Gold fell 76% in 24 hours


Bitcoin Gold, the latest fork off the Bitcoin network depreciated by 75.9 percent twenty-four hours after it was launched. What does this mean for its future?

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon just can't win with Bitcoin


Jamie Dimon just can't win with Bitcoin. Whenever he talks about Bitcoin- usually predictions of doom, the virtual currency turns around and throws a virtual spit in his face. Despite predicting doom and downfall for Bitcoin on a consistent basis, the crypto-coin keeps going up and up.

One door closes on Bitcoin, another one will open


We have seen how in the past few weeks, China joined South Korea in shutting its door on some cryptocurrencies, but another financial giant; Goldman Sachs could be opening its door soon to Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin skyrockets to $7,200 in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe trillion

Inflation and rampant demand for Bitcoin in Zimbabwe have made the crypto-currency skyrocket to $7,200 while in other parts of the world it's worth an average of $4,300 at time of writting.

More Bitcoin Forks Are On The Way


By the end of the year, we could see a few more forks that will be carrying Bitcoin’s name emerge. The next split will be named as Bitcoin Gold.