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The enhancement of Blockchain Development Services has approached the development of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Bestcoins is a portal that administers the best ICO listing services for technology enthusiast, investors, and founders.

Initial Coin Offerings is essentially a fundraising tool. It has gained prominence in the world of cryptocurrencies.

ICOs are relatively-easy fundraising mechanism for startups. Despite ICOs being a challenging task, startups have found it favorable, as ICOs help to raise early capital more quickly than venture funding.

The inflation of ICOs in 2017 anticipates that 2018 would bring a gigantic change in the field of cryptocurrency and more startups will raise their ICOs. According to the statistics, ICOs raised $3.8 billion in revenue in 2017 and so far in 2018 ICOs raised $12.4 billion in revenue.

Bestcoins is a platform that engages a community of people to participate in discussing the ICOs and gathering information about the same. It is a portal that provides the most relevant and important news about the latest ICOs and its ongoing status.

A user simply needs to sign up in this portal to participate in the open forum where they can discuss regarding the ICOs they are curious about. The listing process and discussion channels on Bestcoins are user-generated as the discussion is completely controlled by the community.

Bestcoins divides tokens into different sectors in order to facilitate the user to find the relevant ICO easily. These sectors include projects that deal with infrastructure, payment, finance, trading & investing, gaming & VR, and many more.

Bestcoins is proving itself in being the best gateway to invest in cryptocurrency as it assists the users in discouring the top ICOs to contribute money in.

Benefits Of ICOs

  • Easy online marketing facility.
  • It is a quick, easy and efficient fundraising opportunity as anyone can initiate an ICO.
  • ICOs require lower efforts and resources compared to the traditional fundraising.
  • ICO strengthens decentralized applications.
  • Provides liquidity to the investors.
  • Investing in it provides an opportunity of investing in a new or upcoming technology.

About Bestcoins
Bestcoins is a committed ICO listing site for helping ICO activist to find information about the upcoming and ongoing ICOs, examine them and invest in them. Fundamentally, Bestcoins is one of the leading portals to get a complete list of the best ICOs.

This portal mostly allures the investors, ICO owners, and technology enthusiasts.

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