Secure crypto trading with Espay’s decentralized crypto exchange software

Offer real-time digital coins trading experience to your customers from leading exchange development company Espay.

Most of the crypto exchanges have to follow different rules of the digital exchange they are utilizing. Exchanges are becoming stricter because of the requirements such as KYC, ATF, AML for the purpose of SEC compliance.

This would lead to the rise of Decentralized hybrid solutions or the DEX in crypto-economy.

Espay understands how significant it is to provide security as well as liquidity with a crypto trading platform.

Professionals at Espay offers stimulated systems and strengthened platform with banking-grade security. With the expansions in science & technology, the Espay has also recognized that enhanced techniques are necessary for an improvement of the crypto industry.

These techniques comprise blockchain implementation, acceptance of virtual currencies, decentralization of crypto trading platforms and much more.

Espay is keeping pace with all the advanced practices necessary to develop a decentralized exchange in the current era. Centralized crypto exchanges are good but you might face a safety issue of your funds as there is an existence of central authority.

Centralized exchanges don’t allow users to control private keys of their funds and store it on a central server.

How Decentralized Crypto Exchange (DEX) from Espay helps your business?

Espay is serving peer-to-peer atomic swap technology for the quick, safer and user-friendly DEX globally.

  • Security at its best- Trading solutions from Espay are developed to be secured. Skilled developers have the experience to build secure products based on the cutting-edge standards.
  • Reliability - Working with sensitive detail trained Espay how to develop stable & reliable software for trading, banking and investment zones in the FinTech industry.
  • High performance - A liquidity-ready trading platform with multiple coins, fiat gateways, and supreme safety – without spending heavily in development as well as infrastructure.
  • Speed & Scalability – Espay’s decentralized crypto exchanges are completely scalable as well as work rapidly. This is a valuable ability for any trading and investment platforms.
  • Full Customization- Espay provides a safe, flexible and fully customizable white label decentralized exchange for businesses who want to create their own trading platforms that best suit their needs.

Features of Espay’s decentralized exchange

  • A trading platform that enables users to manage their digital currencies.
  • A trading platform that offers the privacy of users.
  • A trading platform that does not require any registrations & KYC verifications.
  • A trading platform that does not comprise a single point to fail such as centralized server/databases that are easy to hacks.
  • A trading platform without any trusted third party setups.
  • A trading platform that cannot shut down by the government.
  • A trading platform that is not managed by any central authority.

Transform your crypto trading exchange business with Espay’s Smart contracts decentralized exchange development. It will make your business uniquely distributed and secure.

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