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MiniTool ShadowMaker's Automatic Backup for PC Protection

Have saved many files on your hard drive and want to back up files and Windows operating system on a regular basis? Don’t know which automatic backup software to use for PC data and system protection. Here, MiniTool ShadowMaker, professional auto backup software for Windows 10/8/7, can be your good choice.

If you have a habit of backing up your files and OS, you can easily get your PC restore to a normal state and avoid data loss in case of computer accidents.

Besides, files may change at any time and you need to back up them once again after they are updated. This is a little troublesome. Thus, setting up an automatic backup is worth recommending even though you have forgotten to back up your PC.

Automatic backup can relieve you from the routine backup activity so as to turn your time and resources for more creative jobs than daily or emergency-based backup actions.

Then, you may ask: how can I automatically back up files or operating system? Normally, the scheduled backup can be done with Windows built-in Backup and Restore tool and some of you may choose it for automatic backup. But sometimes, Windows automatic backup not working.

Is there any auto backup software to help? Of course, you can ask a third-party program, MiniTool ShadowMaker, for help. Just read the following part to learn this tool, as well as how to create an automatic backup Windows 10/8/7.

Automatic Backup Software for PC: MiniTool ShadowMaker

As a piece of professional, reliable and safe backup software for Windows 10/8/7, MiniTool ShadowMaker can help you to easily and effectively back up files & folders, partitions, the entire hard disk and Windows operating system to an image file. Besides, it can sync files for backup within simple clicks.

As to automatic backup, this backup software offers you four different options to set up a specific time point or intervals to run the backup.

As mentioned above, files always change at every moment. If you set up scheduled backup, these files will be backed up automatically with incremental backup mode by default, saving much disk space of the target drive. In addition, the differential backup is also supported by this backup program, and you can choose one for the only changed or newly added data.

Meanwhile, MiniTool ShadowMaker can delete certain old backup file versions as long as you set up the value with Scheme feature.

What’s more, as the best backup software 2018, MiniTool ShadowMaker also enables you to perform a recovery easily in case of system breakdown. Its Bootable Media can help create a bootable DVD/CD, USB hard disk or flash drive to boot the non-working PC and start system restore.

Create Automatic Backup to External Hard Drive on Windows

After learning this automatic backup software, you may want to know how to automatically back up files or Windows operating system with MiniTool ShadowMaker. And here, we will show you the steps in two cases: imaging backup and synchronization.

Automatic Backup Windows 7/8/10 via Imaging Mode

For Windows automatic backup, this automatic backup software gives you two choices: perform a scheduled backup in Backup page and Manage interface.

① Windows 10/8/7 Automatic Backup in Backup Page

Step 1: Run MiniTool ShadowMaker Trial Edition that you have free downloaded and installed on your PC. Then, a popup window appears and you can choose to upgrade to an advanced edition or directly choose Keep Trial button to continue.

Step 2: You need to choose a backup mode to go on: local backup or remote backup? Just click the Connect button in the corresponding module based on actual needs.


Step 2: Click the Backup feature in the above toolbar, then you can see there are two modules: Source and Destination. Namely, you are required to choose the backup source and storage path.

By default, all the system related partitions for Windows to run have been chosen by this MiniTool automatic backup software. Besides, a default destination folder may also be selected. Here, if you need to create an automatic backup for Windows 10/8/7 operating system, you can directly go to Step 3.

Select Backup Source

If you want to automatically back up files, partitions or the entire hard drive, you need to enter the Source section to select the backup type.

To back up data partition or disk, go to Disk and Partitions section to choose. If you haven’t saved important data on system partitions, here you can check all the data partitions for data backup. Besides, the entire hard drive can also be selected. Here, we take partition backup as an example.

In addition, if you need to use the automatic backup software to back up certain files or folders regularly, you can go to Folders and Files section and then choose them to continue. This post - Create Automatic File Backup in Windows 10 Easily shows you more information.

Choose Backup Destination

If you don’t want to back up your PC to the default destination folder, you can manually choose one based on your actual needs. Here, an external hard drive, USB flash drive, Network, and NAS are available.


Step 3: After completing the selection of backup source and storage path, now you will go back to the Backup page. Here, you can see one feature called Schedule in the bottom left-hand corner. Just make a schedule setting based on your needs and go on automatic backup Windows 7/8/10.

Just click the Schedule feature and then you will get the following interface. By default, it is disabled, so switch it from OFF to ON. Here, you see four schedule settings: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/On Event.

Step 4: After finishing the schedule setting, you will return to the Backup interface where you need to click the Back up Now button to start the full backup. At the time point that you have set, automatic backups will be created.

Automatic File Backup Windows 7/8/10 via Sync Method

When running MiniTool ShadowMaker, you can find this auto backup software offers a feature called Sync in the toolbar. With it, you can easily sync files to another location for data backup. After sync, you can go to the Restore page, find the sync task and directly locate to the target destination to see the files that you have synchronized.

How to use this feature to automatically back up files? Just free download this backup software and then start the work.

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