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MiniTool Tips: Your Backup Strategies for 2020!

The New Year is associated with hopes, dreams and of course resolutions: I will not smoke, I will start exercising regularly, I will go on a diet and this time I will be about to develop my good habit of regularly backing up my computer. Who of us didn't do that? Just how to make it happen in the upcoming 2020?

image Welcome 2020!

It's a long way from word to action. What makes it possible? As you know, it is not difficult to start today, but when we do it in the positive attitude - our goal is fast approaching. And what next?

Backup Strategy

If someone you know constantly tells you to back up your files, you should listen. Computer backup is one of the most important things that people tend to ignore. Your machine may seem completely resistant and insensitive, but it may break tomorrow. That's why you need to maintain the integrity of your data by backing up your files elsewhere.

Think about it - your computer contains lots of information that is valuable to you. While it probably doesn't contain government secrets or things that could cause a great scandal if lost, it has your music, your documents, school files and work records, password lists for various websites, your games and much more. 

This is a lot of information that you would not want to get again.

The good news is that backing up your computer is easy and inexpensive. There are several ways to back up data, the most common of which is to use an external hard drive to store copies of files you don't want to lose. To make things more organized, you may want to consider having more than one external hard drive for each type of data you are trying to maintain.

For example, if you have a lot of music on your computer, it makes sense to have an external hard drive dedicated exclusively to music. In the event that the computer suddenly freezes and you can not revive it, you will save thousands of zlotys that you have spent on your existing music collection, or (although you should not download music for free) for hours that you spent illegally buying your favorite songs from the Internet.

Another interesting way to back up files is to back up to the cloud (which basically means on the Internet). This is a fairly effective method of backing up your computer, with the basic difference being that you don't have a physical object where your data is stored. Instead, you rent space on someone else's server and you can download data from it if your original files are lost.

How to back up? External software

If you want more backup options, you can use an external program. There are many applications - both paid and free, intended for backup. 

Which backup program should you choose? MiniTool ShadowMaker is the most valued one. Describing how to create backups in the program, however, does not make much sense, because the built-in wizards actually do everything for the user and simply show him the available options. Still, you can refer to some tips available here:…tware.html on how to achieve the goal.

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