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Hindsight is a wonderful, annoying thing. Corporate Backup contacted me when I was initially looking for a cloud-based backup, but I overlooked them to partner with someone 'more recognized'.

What a mistake this was!

After the other company broke all their promises and failed to deliver anything CLOSE to service, I came back to Corporate Backup.

Long story short, their software is as good, if not better, than the best, most expensive products on the market. Powerful, useful features that allow me to sell file, exchange, SQL, VM/ veeam and system state backups.

Service is first rate. being an Australian company means they can always be contacted during business hours, and the one time i needed them outside office hours, I left a message on their 1300 number and was contacted 15 minutes later!!!

Cannot thank the team enough. They have transformed my business, saving me time, money and stress.

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