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Australian Managed Data on the Rise

Figures released today by CloudRecover, Australia’s largest managed server backup service, reveal that the demand for outsourced data backup and disaster recovery services has risen by 7000% in the last three years.

The strong surge in demand for managed back-up services represent a significant shift in the approach from on-site and tape-based backup to an off-site, cloud based approach.

24Apr Shift to outsourced data management

Mac Thompson, CEO of CloudRecover believes the jump in the volume of data he is managing comes down to both a shift in business approach and a growing demand for out-sourced data backup among Australia’s CIO’s and IT managers.

“Backups are time consuming and traditionally fraught with complications as they stress all aspects of infrastructure. The shift to a cloud approach is benefitting our customers through savings in both manpower and hardware”, said Mr Thompson.

“Since moving our focus to the enterprise market, the volume of data we’ve been called upon to manage has exploded. There’s a growing demand among Australia’s larger companies for outsourced and managed mail archiving, backup, high availability and disaster recovery.”

The obvious advantages to a cloud-based back-up solution continue to be recognised by many of Australia’s leading businesses.

Ken Poole, CloudRecover customer and Network Infrastructure Manager, IT Services at accounting firm BDO, said, “We made the shift to cloud managed backup in 2011 and haven’t looked back. Once you know the full extent of the trouble it saves you and the savings involved, it’s hard to see why more businesses aren’t making the shift. ”

CloudRecover, being the Asia-Pacific distributor of Hewlett Packard’s Managed Backup Service, and one of Australia’s only cloud service providers to be PCI compliant, believes its commitment to security is another key reason for its surge in data responsibility with the company expecting to manage over 4.5 petabytes of restorable data by 2014.

Mr Thompson continued, “When you’re dealing with sensitive data like financial information, it is essential to ensure that the company protecting your data is PCI compliant. It’s just another one of the reasons why we’re our service continues to be recommended.”

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Launched in 1999, CloudRecover is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in managed enterprise backup, archiving and disaster recovery. As Australia’s largest managed server backup service and Asia-Pacific distributor of Hewlett-Packard’s Managed Backup Services, some of Australia’s and the world’s largest companies and household brands rely on us to manage their data. With over two petabytes of data under management in Australian data centres with local support, we are the leader in managed online backup and recovery.

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