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GNAX Provides Data Backup Solution for Healthcare Providers

More and more healthcare providers are struggling with finding the right data solutions due to size restraints.

This causes higher costs caused by the need to purchase more servers for data and accessing the data can become difficult. GNAX provides solutions through cloud server hosting and various archive systems.

GNAX has been in the technology industry for over a decade. They offer two convenient data centers that focus on cloud hosting services as well as various technology solutions. These solutions center around operational support and helping companies to grow in their data storage requirements without spending excessive amounts of money.

The company will work directly with healthcare providers to establish customized solutions. The average healthcare provider is beginning to switch patient files from paper to a digital format. As a result, more data storage is required. Rather than using a local enterprise data center which costs money to operate, time to manage and excessive amounts of energy, GNAX recommends cloud hosting services.


Virtual private cloud storage has become a data backup solution that companies all over the world have begun to use. The reason is because it is affordable and can be managed by a third party. This allows healthcare providers to focus on healthcare and lets GNAX focus on the storage of the data, which is their specialty.

Having a neutral archive off property allows healthcare providers to grow their data needs without worry of running out of space. Should anything happen to the healthcare facility, the data is off property, safe and protected.

For a data backup solution that is 100% customer focused, provides solutions to clients worldwide. They have clients in a wide array of industries including the healthcare industry.

About GNAX
With over 10 years as an industry leader in the southeast, Global Net Access (GNAX) operates two world-class data centers, AtlantaNAP and DallasNAP, offering mission-critical data center colocation and cloud services. GNAX provides superior technology solutions to a variety of organizations and industries worldwide.
Privately held with headquarters in Atlanta, GA, GNAX was founded in 1999 and has retained net income profitability since 2003. We are diligent in our financial management to ensure optimal operational support and disciplined growth.
Our plan is to grow continuously by providing industry-leading colocation, cloud services and applications with superior technical support and customer service in a secure, highly available, mission-critical data center environment.
100% customer satisfaction is our goal, which we achieve by providing 100% focus on the customer and providing customized solutions that will meet immediate, as well as future needs.

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