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Ultimate Guide to Back Up SD Card - MiniTool ShadowMaker

You must backup SD card before formatting if there is very important data you would like to keep, and this post shares different ways to copy everything off from the memory card on your own for free.

No one wants to lose important data on the SD card in Android phone or tablet. Therefore, the first reason why it's important to ensure that you have backed up your SD card regularly is that the device may be stolen or broken. And keeping a backup of your Sd card data helps to ensure that there is at least an available copy on your computer, which makes it easy to restore your device with the backup file.

Why Back up SD Card to Computer

  • Protect your data saved on your SD card/memory card from data loss.
    Occasionally, you will save some important files like photos or videos on your hard drive so as to take it anywhere. However, data loss still happens to your SD card due to virus attack, card damage, etc. In order to protect the security of data, memory card backup is a good choice.
  • Free up SD card storage space
    Low disk space often happens to your SD card or memory card even though it has a large capacity. In this situation, some of you will choose to back up SD card and then format the SD card to free up disk space.

1.Copy and Paste Files to Computer

When referring to backing up or transferring files to a computer, many of you will directly choose to copy and paste files or folders to the computer. This is a very simple way if you are not familiar with the computer. Follow the detailed guide below.

         1. Take out your SD card or memory card from your device like a camera, phone, etc. And then use a USB card reader to connect the card to your computer. Ensure it can be detected.
           2. Press "Win + E" keys to enter Windows Explorer.
           3. Find and double-click your SD card to open it. Then, copy the files you need to back up and paste them into your computer.

This way is suitable if you only transfer a small amount of data. However, if you need to move a mass of data, this will cost much time. What should you do?

2. Clone SD Card Windows 10/8/7

To back up SD card with large-size files, disk cloning will be a good option. This way can create an identical copy of the source drive with the sector-by-sector mode. All contents on your SD card will be copied to a destination disk in which all data will be overwritten during the cloning process. Thus, you should make sure no important files are saved on the destination hard drive.

MiniTool ShadowMaker

How do you transfer files from SD card to computer? Perhaps, you need a piece of professional PC backup software. Fortunately, there is one tool called MiniTool ShadowMaker, enabling you to back up SD card with ease via disk cloning with its Clone Disk feature.

Besides, this software offers you Trial Edition, allowing you to have a free trial for 30 days. Now, don't hesitate. Just download it and have an installation on your computer. Or you can choose to directly use its Professional Edition to clone SD card to large card or to PC for backup in Windows 10/8/7.

Step 1: Plug your SD card into your computer via an SD card reader.

Step 2: Double click MiniTool ShadowMaker installed on your computer and then enter the following interface to choose one computer to manage. Here, you can click Connect button in the Local section to begin the SD card cloning or type an IP to manage the computer on the same LAN.


Step 2: Next, this free SD card backup software will go to the Home page. If you click SET UP BACKUP button, you will enter the Backup page where you cannot find any information about disk cloning. Here comes the question: how to back up SD card to computer via disk cloning?

Take it easy. Please navigate to Tools tab, then, you will see many features about backup. Here, click Clone Disk feature to continue.


Step 3: Next, this SD card backup software will require you to choose a source drive you want to copy from a combo box. Here, please choose your SD card as the source disk. Besides, you should also select a disk as the target disk to save the copy of SD card.


Note that the cloning process will destroy all contents on the target disk. Hence, please make sure you have backed up your important files on the disk in Windows 10/8/7.


Step 4: This SD card backup software will enter the cloning process interface. Here, you can see some details about the cloning including source disk, destination disk, elapsed time, remaining time, and progress bar.

Moreover, if there is too much data on your SD card, the time cloning will be long. Thus, you can check Shut down the computer when the operation is completed.


If you don't check it, after finishing the operation, you will receive a small window, saying you should disconnect either the source disk or the target disk. Or else, these two disks are the same and then Windows will mark one as offline.

To back up SD card, here you can directly click Yes button to shut down your computer and remove SD card. Then, all operations are completed.

Tip: If your SD card is larger than the target disk, how can you complete a successful cloning? Get the answer from this post - MiniTool Programs Help to Clone to Smaller Disk.

Sometimes you will choose to back up SD card without computer, and the common way is to back up SD card to Google drive

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