How to ensure your e-commerce website is up to your expectation.

Targeting your customers is the best way in achieving success in any business. This can be at best by doing analysis with customers’ expectations and providing a solution according to it. People quickly decide if the website is good or not. Good things include website presence, speed how attractive and if they don’t find your website up to the mark they will move to some other one. Keeping your website fast is most important as they got many options as one category of product is sold on multiple sites.

Data center tiers: Behind the numbers

Data centers have been categorized in 4 different Tiers, depending upon the level of technological infrastructure, IT equipment, resources, cooling, ventilation, redundancy, back up services etc. ‘Tier’ in data center terminology represents the network availability level, error or failure chances, degree of security, preparedness to avoid the impact of any disaster.

Role of new technologies, such as big data, machine learning, and analytics, in DMaaS

With data gathered over a range of connected operating and environmental conditions, huge information and analytics are essential to both understanding the physical framework layer and empowering better decision. Thus, DMaaS-empowered analytics permit data center administrators to push toward prescient support through condition-based services.

Choosing the right Infrastructure for your reseller business

With so many hosting providers in the market, finding a correct web hosting provider can be a tedious errand. For individuals who are especially new to the server/hosting field, this can be a frightening experience. In this article, we will discuss few valuable tips to help you to choose the right infrastructure for your reseller venture.