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StorageCraft acquires Exablox, revolutionising data management

StorageCraft addresses customers’ expanding data volumes, stringent uptime requirements by acquiring mid-market scale-out storage leader

StorageCraft Technology Corporation and Exablox Corporation have joined forces to focus completely on helping businesses analyse, protect and store their data. The new entity is the first company to bring together a new approach that recognises the disappearing lines between primary and secondary storage as well as between data availability and data protection.

“StorageCraft continues to build its portfolio to fuel hyper-growth,” said Matt Medeiros, CEO of StorageCraft.  “By adding Exablox’s converged mid-market storage technology we go from being a leader in business continuity to a leader in the data management market. Our customers’ businesses operate non-stop. At the same time that their data volumes are exploding, their uptime requirements are becoming more stringent. We now have the unique ability to address both of these problems and to do so with a solution that has groundbreaking scalability.”

Exablox, based in Sunnyvale, California, produces flash and HDD based scale-out NAS storage solutions using an innovative object storage architecture. Exablox’s customers include top Fortune 500 companies, prestigious research and educational institutions, leading technology innovators, and government entities.

StorageCraft, a global company based in Utah, provides award-winning backup and recovery solutions that make the company a leader in business continuity. It goes to market through a highly developed and well-trained IT channel and managed service provider network.

This acquisition provides the current and future customers of the combined company with a complete and competitive family of enterprise products for analysing, protecting, and storing information, including:

Data Analytics – provides an intelligent, tiered data architecture that enables the identification and prioritisation of critical data for protection and performance. It also identifies gaps in endpoint protection.

Data Protection –implements data protection policies that offer the industry’s best and most reliable recovery mechanisms. Frequent backups and efficiently-located mission-critical data minimise recovery time and maximise uptime.

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