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Desk & Archive v1.0 Released with Redefined Desktop for Workplace

A file manager software for Windows with redefined desktop and productivity features has been released

Labsii has released Desk & Archive v1.0, a file manager with redefined desktop for workplace. Besides redefined desktop, it offers many other productivity features. The software is priced at 19.95$ and available for free 30 day trial at

Windows desktop is suboptimal because users store unfinished documents mixed with frequently used documents and shortcuts to programs and folders. Desk & Archive offers Desk as a way to create and track your unfinished documents, Launch bar for shortcuts to programs, pinned folders to Sidebar instead of shortcut to folders, and templates and bookmarks as tools for frequently used documents.

Desk & Archive includes many other time saving features: tabs to clean clutter from your taskbar, automatic opening and closing of tabs which takes these tasks away from user and increases availability of locations you might need, preview of contents on item tile with active preview of folders which allows opening of its items directly from preview, smart sorting which chooses best sort type based on content, ad-hoc items lists which allow easy opening of several folders at once and looking through those folders to see all items in all subfolders, unobtrusive and problem solving notifications, easy multiple selection with checkboxes, improved interaction with both keyboard and mouse, and many more hidden gems.

About Labsii
Labsii ltd is a software company founded in 2010. Its expertise is in user interface and user interaction.

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