Best Languages for Microservices

Today microservices are a significant part of the whole digital world. They have demonstrated high results and capability: speedy TTM, better scalability, the productivity of development, etc. Largest tech companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Groupon as well as small local development teams have adopted microservices already.

Know the Differences between ReactJS and React Native

When it comes to JavaScript and Java, there is a lot of confusion and is exclusively one of the most discussed subjects in the world of technology. The big part is that both languages are completely different from one another and yet it is confusing from the new custom website development coders who are not much prone to the tech world and the reason because of the same names. As it is quite acknowledged that the name is the only thing which is considered to be common amidst both the languages, they are very easy for one to differentiate with the use of their features.

Importance of Laravel PHP Framework for Enterprise websites

Top Laravel Development Company has been very successful in providing readability features, with high flexibility along with reusability features that allow the users to reuse codes. These all have made the Laravel PHP framework so important for Enterprise Websites.

5 Obvious Reasons to Choose Python

Ongraph Technologies specializes in building high performing and elegant applications using Django, a high-level Python web framework. With a 11+ year track record of consistently wowing customers hailing from various industries and geographies.

Why do developers Love Using Ember JS.

Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript web framework, based on the Model–view–viewmodel pattern. It allows developers to create scalable single-page web applications.

Know why Node JS is favourite among organizations

Know why Node JS is favourite among organizations

Node.js conducted its third Annual Survey in October 2017, which proudly showed that about 85% of the total respondents use node for web apps and 43% of them use it for enterprise applications.

Why startups choose Node.js?

Being one of the leading Node JS app development companies, we strive to include all business goals and values into amazing solutions using our extensive industry knowledge and innovative approaches.

Why an Android App Development is essential to you if you are a business?

Android versions change very frequently, more important they come with a drastic change in terms of offerings. You can shy away from offering support in these versions and make use of offerings. Our Android development team can help you with all your upgradation and migration needs.

A complete guide for AWS and AWS managed services

OnGraph Technologies is a premier consulting and service provider for Amazon AWS cloud-based services and solutions. AWS is a cloud computing platform from Amazon offering flexible, scalable infrastructure to businesses.

build world-class apps with Web Development skills using Ionic Framework

OnGraph offers specialized services in Ionic mobile app development. Ionic is an open-source SDK for hybrid app development and has acquired quick grasp in app development since it ensures seamless performance across different platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

5 Reasons Ruby on Rails is the Best Framework for Application Development

We are renowned as a profound resource for Ruby-on-Rails app development. Hire our ruby on rails developer who are experts in providing agile web development services. We work with Rails and easily tackle complex and challenging app development processes with the help of our robust, reliable back-end, and a clean, intuitive user interfaces.

7 best tools to Develop Android Apps in 2019

Hire dedicated Android developers & team to give your business apps, the necessary technical edge that it deserves. We make sure that you find our Android development services faster, better and cheaper. Here is how we assist you.

Things to remember for Successful Android Application Development

Leveraging the expertise over highly advanced and modern technologies, OnGraph offers turnkey solutions for the intelligent business assistant over voice. We develop and deploy smart voice bots in Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Pod to support your daily tasks, be it for home or business.

The best Map-Application development company

OnGraph Technologies help you tackle all your worries with ease. We are premium Android application development company backed by highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers who help you with all your project requirements. Our team of experts will make sure that your business needs are served with compelling Android applications on time and within budget.

List of top 10 DevOps Tools for 2019

DevOps is a term coined from the words “Development” and “Operations” and is used in project development processes like web development solutions. In software development, integrating Development and Operations (DevOps) practices creates a new perspective to achieving the results. If you haven’t used DevOps practices before or if you are seeking to up your current processes, sometimes, it can be difficult to know the right DevOps tool to use that best suits your software development team.

Guidelines for iOS App Development process

OnGraph has proved its competency in iOS application development through rendering great coding and exceptional UI/UX designing. We have built engaging and elegant iOS applications for 400+ clients all across the world. Backed by 250+ highly skilled and proficient developers.

Top Technical Advantages of Laravel that makes it the best PHP framework

Laravel development company: Ongraph Technologies offers custom laravel development services and laravel web application services at a cost-effective price. Call us to get a Free Quote for your project. Our Laravel PHP framework development is highly intuitive, interactive and attractive.