Laravel Is Considered As An Easy Framework, A List Of Famous Websites Still Blow Your Mind With Its Simplicity And Beauty

Lavarel is considered one of the easiest frameworks of PHP. It is amazingly simple and beautiful too. Several websites developed by this framework are living proof of how creatively this framework has been used by various companies to get an audience and manage an online presence.

With simpleParallax: the simplest way to build parallax scrolling

SimpleParallax is a very simple and tiny JavaScript library that adds animated parallax to any image. The parallax effect is applied directly to image identifiers, as most other parallax libraries do, so there is no need to use a background image. Parallax effects can be applied to a production website without breaking its structure.

Specific Challenges in building Recursive React Component

Component Tree Structuring is crucial for React Developers especially when they need to deal with complex nested data. Recursion can also deliver same results as iterative component trees rendering. In certain specific cases Recursion become better choice than other methods to display their data. In this article we will discuss the challenges and solutions in building of Recursive React Component.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Software Development Company

imageDo you have an incredible idea for a new mobile application? Would you like to finally build that custom e-commerce website that will set your company apart from the competition? Are you ready to have a custom business application developed for your expanding enterprise?

5 Tips For Effective Outsource App Development in 2020

It has been a consistency of nurturing our expertise in developing next-generation apps in Android Platform for more than 11+ years and continues. We have become technology partner of many satisfied clients from global companies to startups. Till now, we have developed interactive Android applications with an integration of most recent features and functionalities that made them worthy to receive millions of downloads in Google Play Store.

What is the main difference between BYOD and BYOT?

One of the most frequently asked questions is the main and significant difference between BYOD and BYOT. Recently most of the enterprises like SharePoint development services across the world have been bunched at the lower end of the entire evolutionary continuum,

Full-stack Developers : Demand And Opporunities

Full-Stack Developer is one of the most trending jobs right now. With industry demand being an all-time high and salaries peaking, here we take a deep dive into the life of a full-stack developer: what they do, what benefits do they provide, the challenges and finally the job prospects! Must read if you are an aspiring full-stack developer

PHP Development Market trends in 2020-2024

PHP Web development is in the trend to create a dynamic website quite easily. One should must be aware about the current changes in technology and how it can be leveraged to improve your business or professional website even better.

Big Holes In IBMi Team Knowledge from Retirees

The outlook for IBM i platforms looks stable and promising, reports the HelpSystems 2020 IBM i Marketplace survey. Nearly two-thirds of industries using IBM i platforms plan to retain or expand their IBM i use and 73% of the survey’s respondents report that more than half of their business-critical applications use IBM i.

How To Build A Web Application using ASP.Net From Scratch

ASP.NET is an open-source framework widely used to develop web apps as well as dynamic web pages developed by Microsoft. This framework made the programmers able to develop dynamic websites, services as well as applications.

The Microservices World of Tomorrow…Today

The current IT landscape is littered with buzzwords competing to be the next big trend that will dominate the future of the industry. Digital transformation, multi‑cloud, and predictive analytics are just a few of the topics that analysts proclaim organizations must consider in the near future, if they aren’t already moving in those directions.