Why hiring Full Stack Developers makes more sense for MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the backbone of any product, website or mobile application. A full stack developer is a Jack-of-all-trades developer. They are sufficiently familiar with most of the programming languages and technologies used to develop a complete product.

6 Tips to Hire the Best RoR Developer India for Your Next RoR Project


Ruby on Rails, or better known as simply Rails, is a popular framework for building web applications. The fact that it’s open source coupled with its wide array of benefits have contributed in making this framework so popular. You have made the correct decision to rely on this framework for your next web development project. The time-efficiency, simplicity, scalability, and cost-efficiency afforded by RoR framework will surely work in your favor.

How AI will change the future of Software Development in 2019

If you meet any Artificial Intelligence expert and ask them, what transformations can we expect in the software development field with AI? There are high chances you’ll be served with a general answer which would imply that AI sustains huge potential for improving the speed and accuracy of the processes carried out in the field of software development.

SaaS Application Development trends for 2019

The use of SaaS (Software as a Service) has become an essential part of how a lot of organizations operate. SaaS provides a practical solution for different business types seeking effortlessness, convenience, and flexibility for their software solutions. This innovative service allows businesses to conveniently make use of software solutions and data examination tools without needing to install or run applications on their systems.

Node.js vs PHP: Which is the Best Server-Side Environment?

Node.js vs PHP: Which is the Best Server-Side Environment?

Comparing the role of two behemoth frameworks used by web development companies all over the world is no small feat. , you should hire a PHP development company if your project involves content management systems, servers like MySQL, and solution stacks involving Linux or Apache.

What Is API Management?

At NGINX Conf 2018 in October, we announced the new API Management Module for NGINX Controller. With this product we build on our position as the industry’s most‑deployed API gateway – millions of sites already use NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus to secure and mediate traffic between backend applications and the consumers of the APIs which those applications expose.

5 keys to choosing the right frontend development technology for your website

When developing a web site, the “front end,” or the part that users will interact with, is vitally important to the ultimate success of the project.After all, if your site is slow … if it has confusing navigation … if it does not provide easy access to the information visitors want to access … visitors are not going to stick around for long – especially not long enough to buy your products or services or take the action that you want them to take.

PHP development trends to watch out in 2019

Developers feel quite comfortable in case of PHP website development in comparison to other programming languages since it assists them in focusing on one particular area at a time. Another major reason for its wide popularity is that it is actually an open source programming language that means it is free to use. It supports MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases without any sort of trouble.

Benefits of Agile Software Development you should know

Agile software development is a method used for developing all sorts of software solutions, based on continuous improvement, flexibility, an input of the team, and high quality working software delivery.

Benefits of choosing a Magento web design for your e-commerce business

Magento offers more than just bells and whistles for an e-commerce site; it offers an endless pool of possibilities. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that has endeared millions of brands across the globe since its inception in 2008, thanks to the limitless range of options that it provides e-commerce sites.

Top steps to take devops to the next level

Devops has been the subject of many IT debates since its launch. Some people have considered it to be just another marketing fad while others believe it is the next big thing in IT operations.

Evolution of C# .NET - How it became a preferred choice for enterprises

Enterprise applications are necessary for businesses of all scales and sizes. With countless niches that businesses are trying to tap into, custom applications are the need of the hour. Dot Net offers the best solutions when it comes to offering the right kind of infrastructure for users.

Don’t look for reasons !! Migrate to Magento 2 now

Magento is a great platform to build the e-commerce store online. The company has upgraded the version from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and so all the issues that were faced by the merchants and the customers in the Magento 1 version are solved in the latest version and also many new features are added too.

Seamless Upgrade to Angular 5

Team at Google released the new version of angular that is Angular 5.0.0, pentagonal-donut.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

The recent past methodologies have been time consuming causing delay in deliveries, intermittent communications with the clients and unstructured project management.

There are 5 biggest DevOps mistakes you must avoid

Most business owners talk about DevOps, but when it comes to implementing them, problems start. Having gone through the process with many companies, a devops engineer told me the five common devops mistakes organizations make when carrying out devops development for the first time.