What makes Ember.js better than other Javascript frameworks

OnGraph provides Ember. JS expert solutions that meet client's unique business requirements. We are known in the industry for delivering best-in-class solutions. Our each and every application aims at enhancing the overall user experience. We have built numerous applications and are known in the industry for building interactive, responsive, and cost-effective solutions.

How is Python helpful in Application Development?

Ongraph Technologies specializes in building high performing and elegant applications using Django, a high-level Python web framework. With a 11+ year track record of consistently wowing customers hailing from various industries and geographies, Ongraph Technologies is your ideal partner for python django web development. Our team of certified django developers for hire produces sturdy apps to facilitate greater functionality into your website, making them more interactive and profitable.

Best AngularJs consultancy services in India

At OnGraph, only expert professional come to assist clients for AngularJs consulting services with their extensive industry knowledge. Owing to this caliber, we build apps with various new features and functionalities that ensure flexible working, rich user experience as well as minimal maintenance. Our developed applications are renowned all around due to high scalability which covers every easy or complex business requirement. In order to achieve such scalability, we use the framework’s client-side MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) and MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

Why choose symphony framework for business?

Symfony is a PHP based framework with MVC architecture. It is an open-source platform and is highly accepted amongst the most common application frameworks among the open source developer's community. The framework is ideal to choose to build and support complex applications for the web. Did you know, you can get this going with Symfony Framework? It fundamentally improves the work of developers of Offshore symfony development company US and enables them to make web applications without tedious and extensive coding.

How React Native is the best framework to select for the next App Development?

React JS is one of the most commonly used JavaScript libraries that promotes scalability, speed, and simplicity. It is not only used to build user-friendly interfaces but also helps in development of complex applications. At OnGraph, we have a pool of experienced programmers who could help you develop inventive and innovative web solutions using the latest version of 15.x or 16.x.

Importance of Ember.Js and its advantages explained!

Ember.Js is a full-featured open source framework based on MVVM pattern. Ember.js development services allow beautifully rendered dynamic SPAs. People are exploring play stores a day in day out to find apps to streamline their daily life.

Angular JS better front-end development

Angular JS is an open-sourced and JavaScript-based framework that helps in developing dynamic single page web applications. OnGraph is the best AngularJS Development Company that provides world-class solutions on 1.6 versions. We are known to render robust and secure applications compliant well to client’s business model and ensure efficient performance.

Outsourcing Software Developer for Startups: A Guide to Fail-safe Partnerships

imageWith the current statistics, global IT spending is estimated to peak at $2.3 trillion by 2020. Driven by artificial intelligence, the proliferation of IoT and blockchain, the market provides the opportunity for every budding tech entrepreneur as long as they have an innovative mind.

Why is Ruby on Rails highly appealing to start-ups?

We are renowned as a profound resource for Ruby-on-Rails app development. Hire our ruby on rails developer who are experts in providing agile web development services. We work with Rails and easily tackle complex and challenging app development processes with the help of our robust, reliable back-end, and a clean, intuitive user interfaces.

Why you should choose Ruby On Rails (RoR) for your next Project

Building a modern web application can be daunting. As a matter of fact, without picking the right web developer it can be a flop. There are so many factors to consider when creating a web application, such as the code, tools, and utilities. Hence, there are different web application frameworks and programming languages to help with the process.

Top 5 iOS application development companies

OnGraph has helped several brands redefine their business, raise their revenues and save good chunks often spend on mobile app development. Through professional application development services, the dedicated resources make sure all your needs are met. They are committed to developing an app which keeps working to its full-efficiency.

Why hiring Full Stack Developers makes more sense for MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the backbone of any product, website or mobile application. A full stack developer is a Jack-of-all-trades developer. They are sufficiently familiar with most of the programming languages and technologies used to develop a complete product.

6 Tips to Hire the Best RoR Developer India for Your Next RoR Project


Ruby on Rails, or better known as simply Rails, is a popular framework for building web applications. The fact that it’s open source coupled with its wide array of benefits have contributed in making this framework so popular. You have made the correct decision to rely on this framework for your next web development project. The time-efficiency, simplicity, scalability, and cost-efficiency afforded by RoR framework will surely work in your favor.

How AI will change the future of Software Development in 2019

If you meet any Artificial Intelligence expert and ask them, what transformations can we expect in the software development field with AI? There are high chances you’ll be served with a general answer which would imply that AI sustains huge potential for improving the speed and accuracy of the processes carried out in the field of software development.

SaaS Application Development trends for 2019

The use of SaaS (Software as a Service) has become an essential part of how a lot of organizations operate. SaaS provides a practical solution for different business types seeking effortlessness, convenience, and flexibility for their software solutions. This innovative service allows businesses to conveniently make use of software solutions and data examination tools without needing to install or run applications on their systems.