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Benefits of choosing a Magento web design for your e-commerce business

Magento offers more than just bells and whistles for an e-commerce site; it offers an endless pool of possibilities. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that has endeared millions of brands across the globe since its inception in 2008, thanks to the limitless range of options that it provides e-commerce sites.

From the base outline of an e-commerce site to options for inventory control, cart customization, and payment processing, Magento packs a punch with features and functionalities that gives it an edge over nearly every other e-commerce platform.


Here are 10 reasons why most e-commerce development services are convinced of the superiority of Magento over other e-commerce platforms:

A Nearly Unparalleled Range of Customization Options

The creators of Magento are keen on catering to the unique preferences and requirements of each e-commerce site. When you hire  Magento certified developer for your e-commerce site, you’ll be given access to an inordinate number of CSS customization options.

You won’t run short of choices for imbuing your site with excellent brand recognizability and business logic.

Also, the inclination of the platform towards providing an abundant range of options allows for an unlimited choice of hosting services. Unlike most e-commerce platforms, Magento does not mandate the use of a particular hosting service.

Note that when you hire  Magento developer for your e-commerce website, you should make provisions for the relatively heavier demands which Magento places on a server; it’s advisable to use a dedicated server instead of a shared server.

Multi-Website Provisions

Magento allows businesses to host numerous websites (online ‘storefronts’) on just a single back-end admin. This is one of the key provisions that make a Magento an amazing e-commerce CMS platform of great renown.

With this feature available at your disposal, you can hire  Magento developer to create, manage and even monitor multiple storefronts with varying configurations and product listings, using the same back-end infrastructure.

Great Scalability

Magento is also renowned for its excellent scalability. It allows for easy adjustments according to the growing needs of an e-commerce website.

With Magento's high degree of scalability, ecommerce development services can easily make adjustments to an e-commerce site’s product database, manage steep changes in the flow of traffic, change pricing models and amounts, etc.

In the first place, a Magento website can easily handle over 80,000 transactions per hour and support as much as half a million products, by default. This capability allows your e-commerce site’s CMS to expand or contract according to the variations in the needs of the business, as various buying seasons and holiday periods set in.

Mobile and SEO Friendliness

Magento offers outstanding support for mobile-responsive web designs as well as for SEO solutions. This is in keeping with the mission of Magento’s creators to enhance the visibility and the UX of e-commerce websites.

Excellent e-commerce development services reckon that if an e-commerce site does not sit well with mobile users, who constitute a greater proportion of online shoppers, it’s bound to loose out on a lot of its potential customers.

In the same vein, a website’s SEO ranking can make or break the profitability of an e-commerce site. By offering an optimal URL structure, SEO meta-implementation options and analytics tools, Magento ensures that e-commerce sites remain in conformity with the prevailing SEO standards.

Fast Loading Speeds

One of the cardinal objectives of Magento’s creators is the creation of e-commerce stores with the fastest loading speeds on the planet. And Magento has lived up to this objective, producing websites that come with stunning loading speeds.

When you hire Magento certified developer for your e-commerce site, you can rest assured that your site will be not only high-quality, but it’ll be sending much lower HTTP requests, and this will expedite the rate at which information is exchanged on the site, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and sales figures.

Order Management and Security

With provisions for custom reporting, as well as other high-grade security features, Magento offers great product management and security features. Magento allows webmasters to track transactions periodically, alter product descriptions and listings, convert report formats to analysis-ready formats, all without risking any security compromise.

It offers top-grade layers of protection against information security threats, even as these data security threats continue to grow generally on a daily basis. The best part is that e-commerce development services can customize these security features, including CAPTCHA login screens, PCI Data Security, and data encryption, in accordance with the peculiar needs of an e-commerce site.

Support For Multiple Languages and Currencies

Unlike most e-commerce platforms, Magento supports nearly all the world’s major languages and currencies. This can be a crucial advantage for e-commerce sites targeting international audiences because it allows an e-commerce website to sell its products to customers regardless of their geographical circumstances and the currencies they use.

Magento supports numerous payment processors, including PayPal, credit / debit cards, Braintree,, and many more. Also, when you hire  Magento developer for your e-commerce site, you can rest assured that the development will uphold the specific tax rates applicable to different locations.

Support For Inordinate Custom Integrations

To open up even greater possibilities for an e-commerce site, Magento offers support for a slew of third-party integrations. It provides APIs which facilitate the incorporation of external integrations, including payment gateways, social media plugins, etc., without the need to write any lines of code.

This is in keeping with Magento’s inclination toward providing for the unique needs and preferences of an e-commerce site.

Excellent Support For Analytics and Reporting

Top-draw e-commerce development services appreciate Magento’s support for third-party analytics and tracking tools. This helps them optimize promotion campaigns and product listings.

Tools such as Google Analytics and Google base can be easily integrated to generate reports such as sales report, engagement rate reports, cart abandonment reports, customer demographics reports, etc. What’s more, these reports can be generated on a periodic basis according to filter settings.

A Highly Responsive and Supportive Open-Source Community

Magento’s open-source community is one of the most vibrant, supportive developers community. They provide free tips, tutorials, and technical support for Magento developers, and help developers to handle updates and security issues.

Also, if you choose not to hire Magento certified developer for your e-commerce site, opting instead for a DIY solution, you can benefit immensely from the resources you’ll be able to obtain through Magento’s open-source community.


The advantages of Magento for e-commerce sites outlined above should be enough to convince you that when you hire  Magento certified developer for your e-commerce site, you’re opening yourself up to a world of unlimited possibilities. Be sure to contact us when you’re ready to create your e-commerce site, and we’ll work with you to make it suit your unique business.

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