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SaaS Application Development trends for 2019

The use of SaaS (Software as a Service) has become an essential part of how a lot of organizations operate. SaaS provides a practical solution for different business types seeking effortlessness, convenience, and flexibility for their software solutions. This innovative service allows businesses to conveniently make use of software solutions and data examination tools without needing to install or run applications on their systems.

The SaaS industry is now worth over $100 billion worldwide and is expected to be worth over $130 billion by 2020. An International Data Corporation (IDC) study also stated that by 2020, SaaS would account for over 50% of public cloud spending which proves that SaaS is steadily earning its place in the cloud computing market.

SaaS offers companies a quick and advantageous solution, which is why different industries and business models make use of it.  The straightforwardness, user-friendliness, safety, and connectivity of SaaS, which helps in maximizing efficiency, is one of the few reasons why it’s prevalent with businesses.

Nowadays most companies make use of SaaS applications to execute their business intelligence tactics.

2018 was a year of innovation for SaaS web application development and mobile app development .  Businesses need to adapt to the quickly changing expectations of customers in order to not be left behind.

Different trends show that 2019 will be a trendsetting year for SaaS. In this article, we’ll explore the 2019 SaaS application development trends that stand out.

Artificial Intelligence Incorporation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most impressive SaaS trend for 2019. AI has become an essential part of our day to day lives due to years of development.

AI improves businesses, increases proficiency, systematizes monotonous tasks, and backs social competences. This technology uses algorithms and data provided to forecast, endorse, and systemize processes.

AI pushes SaaS web application development to a new level by providing a progressive degree of exchanges and receptiveness between companies, technology, and customers. AI is in a position to improve SaaS key characteristics when combined.

This combination will allow businesses to automate and brand their services, develop security, support human capabilities, supplement their internal procedures, and effectively tackle customer service processes.

Highlighted below are the different areas AI is supporting SaaS in 2019.

  • Personal Branding

Artificial intelligence is driving SaaS inclined businesses like an iPhone app development company to offer extremely personalized services to their customers. With AI, SaaS companies can make use of Natural Language Processing to customize the user interfaces for customers.

With technologies like this they’ll address the needs of clients better, and these companies can offer options by utilizing user data.

  • Automation

The automation feature in SaaS is powered by Artificial Intelligence, and it systematizes receptiveness in customer service and applications. Automation allows businesses to respond successfully to customer needs with little dependence on human resources.

For example, The Chatbot feature enables a bot to answer common questions rather than a human, thereby increasing efficiency.

  • Improved Security

Nowadays, the issue of data security is continuously increasing and should be a priority for any SaaS inclined business. AI and machine learning enhance the security of SaaS web and mobile app development with Pattern recognition, automation, and in-built self-recovery.


It’s vital for SaaS applications to improve customer experience on mobile since the mobile market accounts for over 50% of digital media time. SaaS mobile app development with excellent customer experience will improve the competitiveness of applications in 2019.

Mobile customer experience has always been a challenge. Some functions that are used on web applications most times don't work on mobile applications.

This challenge shows that mobile app functions need upgrading. 

Vertical SaaS over Horizontal SaaS

More businesses are opting for vertical SaaS models and leaving horizontal SaaS models; the former allows for complete customization while the latter uses a one size fits all model. The vertical SaaS models deliver precise vertical applications to target industries and niches.

Specialized companies benefit significantly from vertical SaaS since it allows them to focus on building a market aligned product while ensuring customer success.

The Vertical SaaS model adapts features according to the industry and niche of the client. SaaS web application development using this model allows for more mobility and reduced client attainment costs.

Platform as a Service Migration

As the SaaS industry matures and evolves, the focus of SaaS businesses moves from customer acquisition to client retention or maintenance. The best solution for this switch in focus is to switch to Platform as a Service (PaaS).

PaaS allows SaaS businesses to create add-on apps to their products and deploy code quickly. This solution will allow companies to become more responsive to the needs of their customers while committing more funds to expand.

Box and Salesforce launched their PaaS services recently, and there are expectations that other businesses will take this initiative and migrate to a PaaS model.

API connections

There is a need to integrate SaaS solutions into an already existing business structure, and this is where the Application Programming Interface comes in. While some companies might opt for migrating all their data into the cloud, others might decide to combine it with the infrastructure they already have, and this is the issue that API connections solve.

Rather than redirecting customers to third parties to provide APIs (like during the SaaS induction period into the cloud computing market), SaaS companies (such as an iPhone app development company) are now tending towards providing these capabilities for their clients. This way, their customers can be assured of a seamless integration process.

Wrapping Up

The evolution of the SaaS industry is happening fast and isn't showing any indications of slowing down anytime soon. With a worldwide market value of over $100 billion, the SaaS industry will continue to grow as the years go by.

The emergence of these 2019 trends will aid in improving client retention, growth, and flexibility. The use of the SaaS model is going to continuously be a convenient and reliable option for industries across different niches as smart business strategies continue to be highly backed by data.

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