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How AI will change the future of Software Development in 2019

If you meet any Artificial Intelligence expert and ask them, what transformations can we expect in the software development field with AI? There are high chances you’ll be served with a general answer which would imply that AI sustains huge potential for improving the speed and accuracy of the processes carried out in the field of software development.


In this article, we’ll explore how the future of software development and its processes would be streamlined with disruptive technology ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and its subsets.

Most of the Software Developers in India and all over the world have been solving the deterministic problems by employing their logic and writing codes that follow certain rules. Softwares following the above approach is a result of human-driven phase and processes.

However, now we have new technologies that can assist us in solving intricate problems with ease.

All you require is the right data to feed and train the neural network, the rest will be done by AI-powered tools.

The era of Artificial Intelligence and its subset Machine Learning is thriving and influencing nearly all fields. If we believe the predictions of some experts, then Software development will witness a tremendous transformation in the way it is being programmed by developers and presented to customers.

Software Development is a vast field to talk about, let’s discuss some of the major parts where Artificial Intelligence is all set to make a difference:

Management of A Project


In any IT in-office hierarchy, you would find numerous designation for every individual. Some of them are juniors, seniors, and some are referred to as managers.

In most cases, managers are the people who aced their skills by working hard from years (nearly 10). In this extensive and exhaustive years of experience, they have learned a lot from their pitfalls, issues and numerous projects that they have handled.

Now, suppose that when this experience and details are stored in any AI tool in form of data! What do you think will happen? The automated tool will ensure to render accurate estimates for the project and further list some possible problems that may occur during the project.

Here, Deep learning (a subset of Machine Learning, which is a subset of AI) can be implemented. All you would require is the data of your past projects, which would include all the estimates, bugs, even reviews, and feedbacks.

Building the MVPs Double-quick

Let’s understand with a comparison approach: In a conventional programming method, it requires months for a dedicated software developer to research, plan, and then begin with the project. Next, they had to face the daunting task of preparing its prototype to raise the funding.

But, this would not be the case when AI-powered tools will be put into action.

With Machine Learning, this cycle of researching to increasing the funding can be completed in a few code lines. For example, chatbots can be employed to deal with the researching, planning process.

Automatic Debugging


The capabilities of Deep Learning are extensive in the software development field. It can effectively recognize and classify the types of errors in any code.

The whole process of debugging can be performed in a very expeditious manner with deep learning. In fact, this AI technology can even copy the mindset of a developer to even correct the code and fix the bugs found.

The only problem with automatic debugging with deep learning would be that it may also change the code that should not be touched. However, with some proper research and algorithms, this can be avoided too.

Automatic Testing

When building software, testing of the product build holds crucial importance. One the most complex task for any tester is that of listing all the possible outcomes and cases that can be received or executed on the software to check its ability.

Not only these cases, but the testing approach also includes checking the software in conditions which can impact its performance.

Whereas, AI-powered tools can perform automatic testing in no time with their data of past logs and test cases. Moreover, they can predict the result of the testing process to generate a list of problematic bugs without even performing the actual tests.


We have discussed a few major applications that AI-powered tools can perform for the software development field. With such applications on board for the businesses, there’s a question that arises, “Will AI replace Custom Software Developers?

Let me be pragmatic and say that this will not happen in the near future since AI systems themselves have begun their journey and have started to influence the software development field. They may help us with training and support purposes to build more affordable and better software.

But they ain’t replacing any of the developers.

So, for now, you must hire software developer for your project until AI-based tools increase their performance and reliability.

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